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Computer Science Master Information
GESS Science in Perspective
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Master's Thesis
263-0800-00LMaster's Thesis Information Restricted registration - show details
Only students who fulfill the following criteria are allowed to begin with their master thesis:
a. successful completion of the bachelor programme;
b. fulfilling any additional requirements necessary to gain admission to the master programme;
c. "Inter focus courses" (12 credits) completed;
d. "Focus courses" (26 credits) completed (including seminar).
O30 credits64DProfessors
AbstractThe Master's thesis concludes the study programme. Thesis work should prove the students' ability to independent, structured and scientific working.
ObjectiveTo work independently and to produce a scientifically structured work under the supervision of a Computer Science Professor.
ContentIndependent project work supervised by a Computer Science professor. Duration 6 months.
Prerequisites / NoticeSupervisor must be a professor at D-INFK or affiliated,
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