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Civil Engineering Master Information
Master Studies (Programme Regulations 2020)
1. Semester
Major Courses
Major in Materials and Mechanics
151-0353-00LMechanics of Composite MaterialsW4 credits2V + 1UP. Ermanni, G. Pappas, M. Sakovsky
101-0617-01LAdvances in Building MaterialsW4 credits2GR. J. Flatt, I. Burgert
101-0617-02LComputational Science Investigation for Material MechanicsW4 credits2SD. Kammer, F. Wittel
3. Semester
Major Courses
Major in Construction and Maintenance Management
101-0549-00LSelected Topics on Legal Aspects in Civil Engineering Information W+3 credits2GH. Briner, D. Trümpy
101-0587-00LWorkshop on Sustainable Building Certification Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 25
W+3 credits2GD. Kellenberger
101-0507-00LInfrastructure Management 3: Optimisation Tools
Does not take place this semester.
W+6 credits2GB. T. Adey
101-0520-00LProject Management: Project Execution to CloseoutW+4 credits2GJ. J. Hoffman
101-0608-00LDesign-Integrated Life Cycle Assessment Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GG. Habert
101-0577-00LAn Introduction to Sustainable Development in the Built EnvironmentO3 credits2GG. Habert, D. Kaushal
101-0527-10LMaterials and Constructions Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GG. Habert, D. Sanz Pont
Major in Geotechnical Engineering
101-0329-00LTunnelling IIIW4 credits2GG. Anagnostou, E. Pimentel, M. Ramoni
101-0339-00LEnvironmental GeotechnicsW3 credits2GM. Plötze
101-0367-00LGeotechnical Engineering in Transportation Information W3 credits2GD. Hauswirth
Major in Structural Engineering
101-0119-00LStructural Masonry Information W3 credits2GN. Mojsilovic
101-0129-00LNon Destructive Evaluation & Rehabilitation of Existing StructuresW3 credits2GE. Chatzi, B. Herraiz Gómez, G. Kocur
101-0159-00LMethod of Finite Elements IIW3 credits2GE. Chatzi, K. Tatsis
101-0189-00LSeismic Design of Structures IIW3 credits2GB. Stojadinovic
101-0191-00LSeismic and Vibration IsolationW2 credits1GM. Vassiliou
101-0123-00LStructural Design Information W3 credits2GP. Ohlbrock, P. Block, J. Schwartz
101-0121-00LFatigue and Fracture in Materials and StructuresW4 credits3GE. Ghafoori, A. Taras
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