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Computational Science and Engineering Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2012 and 2016)
Bachelor's Thesis
If you wish to have recognised 402-2000-00L Scientific Works in Physics instead of 401-2000-00L Scientific Works in Mathematics (as allowed for the CSE programme), take contact with the Study Administration Office (Link) after having passed the performance assessment.
401-2000-01LLunch Sessions – Thesis Basics for Mathematics Students
Details and registration for the optional MathBib training course: Link
Z0 creditsSpeakers
402-2000-00LScientific Works in Physics
Target audience:
Master students who cannot document to have received an adequate training in working scientifically.

Directive Link
W0 creditsC. Grab
401-3990-01LBachelor's Thesis Restricted registration - show details
Only for Computational Science and Engineering BSc, Programme Regulations 2012 and 2016.

Successful participation in the course unit 401-2000-00L Scientific Works in Mathematics or 402-2000-00L Scientific Works in Physicsis is required.
For more information, see Link
O8 credits11DSupervisors
For All Programme Regulations
Fields of Specialization
402-0394-00LTheoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology
UZH students are not allowed to register this course unit at ETH. They must book the corresponding module directly at UZH.
W10 credits4V + 2UL. M. Mayer, J. Yoo
Physics of the Atmosphere
701-1216-00LNumerical Modelling of Weather and Climate Information W4 credits3GC. Schär, N. Ban
529-0474-00LQuantum ChemistryW6 credits3GM. Reiher, T. Weymuth
227-0161-00LMolecular and Materials Modelling Information W4 credits2V + 2UD. Passerone, C. Pignedoli
Fluid Dynamics
151-0208-00LComputational Methods for Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer ProblemsW4 credits2V + 2UD. W. Meyer-Massetti
Systems and Control
227-0216-00LControl Systems II Information W6 credits4GR. Smith
227-0046-10LSignals and Systems IIW4 credits2V + 2UF. Dörfler
151-0854-00LAutonomous Mobile Robots Information W5 credits4GR. Siegwart, M. Chli, J. Nieto
151-0566-00LRecursive Estimation Information W4 credits2V + 1UR. D'Andrea
252-0220-00LIntroduction to Machine Learning Information Restricted registration - show details
Previously called Learning and Intelligent Systems.
W8 credits4V + 2U + 1AA. Krause
252-0579-00L3D Vision Information W4 credits3GM. Pollefeys, V. Larsson
402-0812-00LComputational Statistical Physics Information W8 credits2V + 2UL. Böttcher
402-0810-00LComputational Quantum PhysicsW8 credits2V + 2US. Huber
227-0161-00LMolecular and Materials Modelling Information W4 credits2V + 2UD. Passerone, C. Pignedoli
Computational Finance
Offered in the autumn semester.
227-0707-00LOptimization Methods for EngineersW3 credits2GP. Leuchtmann
Recommended combinations:
Subject 1 + Subject 2
Subject 1 + Subject 3
Subject 2 + Subject 3
Subject 3 + Subject 4
Subject 5 + Subject 6
Subject 5 + Subject 4
Geophysics: Subject 1
offered in the autumn semester
Geophysics: Subject 2
offered in the autumn semester
Geophysics: Subject 3
651-4008-00LDynamics of the Mantle and LithosphereW3 credits2GA. Rozel
Geophysics: Subject 4
recognition requires the successful completion of both course units
651-4094-00LNumerical Modelling for Applied Geophysics IW3 credits2GJ. Robertsson
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