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Process Engineering Master Information
Core Courses
151-0107-20LHigh Performance Computing for Science and Engineering (HPCSE) I Information W4 credits4G
151-0107-20 GHigh Performance Computing for Science and Engineering (HPCSE) I4 hrs
Wed08:15-10:00HG E 3 »
12:15-14:00HG E 3 »
S. M. Martin, J. H. Walther
151-0125-00LHydrodynamics and CavitationW4 credits3G
151-0125-00 GHydrodynamics and Cavitation3 hrs
Mon10:15-13:00HG E 21 »
O. Supponen
151-0209-00LRenewable Energy Technologies Information W4 credits3G
151-0209-00 GRenewable Energy Technologies3 hrs
Tue14:15-17:00HG G 5 »
A. Steinfeld, E. Casati
151-0213-00LFluid Dynamics with the Lattice Boltzmann MethodW4 credits3G
151-0213-00 GFluid Dynamics with the Lattice Boltzmann Method3 hrs
Wed10:15-13:00IFW B 42 »
I. Karlin
151-0293-00LCombustion and Reactive Processes in Energy and Materials TechnologyW4 credits2V + 1U + 2A
151-0293-00 VCombustion and Reactive Processes in Energy and Materials Technology2 hrs
Thu10:15-12:00CAB G 61 »
N. Noiray, F.  Ernst, C. E. Frouzakis
151-0293-00 UCombustion and Reactive Processes in Energy and Materials Technology1 hrs
Mon17:15-18:00ML F 36 »
N. Noiray, F.  Ernst, C. E. Frouzakis
151-0293-00 ACombustion and Reactive Processes in Energy and Materials Technology30s hrsby appt.N. Noiray, F.  Ernst, C. E. Frouzakis
151-0509-00LAcoustics in Fluid Media: From Robotics to Additive Manufacturing
Note: The previous course title until HS21 "Microscale Acoustofluidics"
W4 credits3G
151-0509-00 GAcoustics in Fluid Media: From Robotics to Additive Manufacturing3 hrs
Wed16:15-19:00CHN G 42 »
D. Ahmed
151-0902-00LMicro- and Nanoparticle Technology Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants is limited to 20.
Additional ones could be enrolled by permission of the lecturer.
W6 credits2V + 2U
151-0902-00 VMicro- and Nanoparticle Technology
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
2 hrs
Fri10:15-12:00ML F 40 »
S. E. Pratsinis, K. Wegner
151-0902-00 UMicro- and Nanoparticle Technology
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
2 hrs
Wed14:15-16:00ML F 40 »
S. E. Pratsinis, V. Mavrantzas
151-0905-00LMedical Technology Innovation - From Concept to Clinics Restricted registration - show details W4 credits3G
151-0905-00 GMedical Technology Innovation - From Concept to Clinics3 hrs
Tue08:15-11:00RZ F 21 »
I. Herrmann
151-0913-00LIntroduction to PhotonicsW4 credits2V + 2U
151-0913-00 VIntroduction to Photonics2 hrs
Thu10:15-12:00ML F 39 »
R. Quidant, J. Ortega Arroyo
151-0913-00 UIntroduction to Photonics2 hrs
Thu14:15-16:00ML F 38 »
R. Quidant, J. Ortega Arroyo
151-0917-00LMass TransferW4 credits2V + 2U
151-0917-00 VMass Transfer2 hrs
Wed10:15-12:00IFW A 36 »
S. E. Pratsinis, V. Mavrantzas, C.‑J. Shih
151-0917-00 UMass Transfer
The exercise will start in the 2nd week of the Semester.
2 hrs
Tue14:15-16:00HG E 1.1 »
S. E. Pratsinis, V. Mavrantzas, C.‑J. Shih
151-0927-00LRate-Controlled Separations in Fine ChemistryW6 credits3V + 1U
151-0927-00 VRate-Controlled Separations in Fine Chemistry3 hrs
Thu11:15-14:00ML F 34 »
M. Mazzotti, V. Becattini
151-0927-00 URate-Controlled Separations in Fine Chemistry1 hrs
Thu14:15-15:00ML F 34 »
M. Mazzotti, V. Becattini
151-0951-00LProcess Design and SafetyW4 credits2V + 1U
151-0951-00 VProcess Design and Safety2 hrs
Tue08:15-10:00ML F 34 »
F. Trachsel, C. Hutter
151-0951-00 UProcess Design and Safety1 hrs
Tue13:15-14:00ML F 34 »
F. Trachsel, C. Hutter
151-0957-00LPractica in Process Engineering I Restricted registration - show details W2 credits2P
151-0957-00 PPractica in Process Engineering I Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
four times on the Monday afternoons.
32s hrsS. A. Meyer, M. Tibbitt
529-0613-01LProcess Simulation and FlowsheetingW6 credits3G
529-0613-01 GProcess Simulation and Flowsheeting
The module combines theory-based lectures (Mondays) with practical lectures based on Aspen (Wednesdays)
3 hrs
Mon09:45-12:30HCI J 4 »
Wed13:45-17:30HCI G 174 »
G. Guillén Gosálbez
Multidisciplinary Courses
The students are free to choose individually Master’s courses from the Course Catalogue of ETH Zurich, ETH Lausanne and the Universities of Zurich (Link) and St. Gallen.
» Course Catalogue of ETH Zurich
Semester Project
151-1008-00LSemester Project Process Engineering Restricted registration - show details
Only for Process Engineering MSc.

The subject of the Master Thesis and the choice of the supervisor (ETH-professor) are to be approved in advance by the tutor.
O8 credits17A
151-1008-00 ASemester Project Process Engineering240s hrsby appt.Professors
Industrial Internship
151-1090-00LIndustrial Internship
Access to the company list and request for recognition under Link.

No registration required via myStudies.
O8 credits
151-1090-00 PIndustrial Internshipexternal organisers
Science in Perspective
» see Science in Perspective: Type A: Enhancement of Reflection Capability
» Recommended Science in Perspective (Type B) for D-MAVT
» see Science in Perspective: Language Courses ETH/UZH
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