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MAS in Medical Physics Information
Specialisation in General Medical Physics
Major in Bioelectronics
Core Courses
151-0604-00LMicrorobotics Information W4 credits3G
151-0604-00 GMicrorobotics
The class starts in the second week.
3 hrs
Mon16:15-18:00NO C 60 »
Thu11:15-12:00NO C 60 »
B. Nelson
227-0386-00LBiomedical Engineering Information W4 credits3G
227-0386-00 GBiomedical Engineering
**together with University of Zurich**
3 hrs
Wed08:15-10:00ETF E 1 »
10:15-11:00ETF E 1 »
J. Vörös, S. J. Ferguson, S. Kozerke, M. P. Wolf, M. Zenobi-Wong
227-1037-00LIntroduction to Neuroinformatics Information W6 credits2V + 1U + 1A
227-1037-00 VIntroduction to Neuroinformatics2 hrs
Thu08:15-10:00NO C 60 »
V. Mante, M. Cook, B. Grewe, G. Indiveri, D. Kiper, W. von der Behrens
227-1037-00 UIntroduction to Neuroinformatics1 hrs
Thu10:15-11:00NO C 60 »
V. Mante, M. Cook, B. Grewe, G. Indiveri, D. Kiper, W. von der Behrens
227-1037-00 AIntroduction to Neuroinformatics
Self-study, no fixed presence required.
1 hrsV. Mante
376-1714-00LBiocompatible MaterialsW4 credits3V
376-1714-00 VBiocompatible Materials
Vorlesung 13-15h
Übungen/Gruppenarbeiten 15-16h
3 hrs
Wed12:45-15:30HIL E 1 »
K. Maniura, M. Rottmar, M. Zenobi-Wong
227-0393-10LBioelectronics and Biosensors Information W6 credits2V + 2U
227-0393-10 VBioelectronics and Biosensors2 hrs
Fri09:15-11:00HG E 1.2 »
J. Vörös, M. F. Yanik
227-0393-10 UBioelectronics and Biosensors2 hrs
Fri08:15-09:00HG E 1.2 »
11:15-12:00HG E 1.2 »
M. F. Yanik, J. Vörös
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