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Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Bachelor Information
This is only a small selection. Other courses from the ETH course catalogue may be chosen. Please consult the "Richtlinien zu Projekten, Praktika, Seminare" (German only), published on our website (Link).
Economics, Law and Management Electives
These subjects are particularly suitable for students planning to apply to the Master's Degree Program in Energy Science and Technology (MSc EST) or Management, Technology and Economics (MSc MTEC).
351-0778-00LDiscovering Management
Entry level course in management for BSc, MSc and PHD students at all levels not belonging to D-MTEC. This course can be complemented with Discovering Management (Excercises) 351-0778-01.
W3 credits3G
351-0778-00 GDiscovering Management3 hrs
Fri08:15-11:00HG E 1.1 »
B. Clarysse, S. Brusoni, F. Da Conceição Barata, H. Franke, V. Hoffmann, P. Tinguely, L. P. T. Vandeweghe
351-0778-01LDiscovering Management (Exercises)
Complementary exercises for the module Discovering Managment.

Prerequisite: Participation and successful completion of the module Discovering Management (351-0778-00L) is mandatory.
W1 credit1U
351-0778-01 UDiscovering Management (Exercises)1 hrs
Fri11:15-12:00HG E 1.1 »
B. Clarysse, L. P. T. Vandeweghe
351-0511-00LManagerial Economics
Not for MSc students belonging to D-MTEC!
W4 credits3V
351-0511-00 VManagerial Economics3 hrs
Wed08:15-10:00HG G 3 »
18:15-19:00HG E 7 »
O. Krebs, P. Egger, M. Köthenbürger
351-1109-00LIntroduction to Microeconomics
GESS (Science in Perspective):
This course is only for students enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree programme.

Students enrolled in a Master’s degree programme may attend “Principles of Microeconomics” (LE 363-0503-00L) instead.

Note for D-MAVT students: If you have already successfully completed “Principles of Microeconomics” (LE 363-0503-00L), then you will not be permitted to attend it again.
W3 credits2G
351-1109-00 GEinführung in die Mikroökonomie
Zusätzliche (freiwillige) Termine für Übungen zur Vorlesung werden zu Beginn der Vorlesung bekanntgegeben.
2 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00HG E 3 »
M. Wörter, M. Beck
851-0703-00LIntroduction to Law
Particularly suitable for students of D-ARCH, D-MAVT, D-MATL
W2 credits2V
851-0703-00 VGrundzüge des Rechts2 hrs
Mon14:15-16:00HG E 3 »
O.  Streiff Gnöpff
851-0735-10LLaw for Entrepreneurs Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 100

Particularly suitable for students of D-ITET, D-MAVT
W2 credits2V
851-0735-10 VRecht für Unternehmen2 hrs
Thu14:15-16:00HG D 1.2 »
P. Peyrot
851-0738-00LIntellectual Property: Introduction
Particularly suitable for students of D-CHAB, D-INFK, D-ITET, D-MAVT, D- MATL, D-MTEC
W2 credits2V
851-0738-00 VGeistiges Eigentum: Eine Einführung2 hrs
Fri10:15-12:00HG E 3 »
M. Schweizer
851-0738-01LThe Role of Intellectual Property in the Engineering and Technical Sector
Particularly suitable for students of D-BAUG, D-BIOL, D-BSSE, D-CHAB, D-ITET, D-MAVT
W2 credits2V
851-0738-01 VDie Rolle des Geistigen Eigentums im Ingenieurwesen und den technischen Wissenschaften28s hrs
Fri/2w14:15-18:00LFW B 1 »
11.11.14:15-18:00LFW B 1 »
K. Houshang Pour Islam
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