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Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Courses
Doctoral Studies in Organic Chemistry
529-0280-00LAnalytical Chemistry SeminarE-0 credits1K
529-0280-00 KAnalytische Chemie1 hrs
Thu15:45-17:30HCI J 4 »
06.01.15:45-17:30HCI J 4 »
13.01.15:45-17:30HCI J 4 »
20.01.15:45-17:30HCI J 4 »
27.01.15:45-17:30HCI J 3 »
03.02.15:45-17:30HCI J 3 »
10.02.15:45-17:30HCI H 8.1 »
17.02.15:45-17:30HCI H 8.1 »
R. Zenobi
529-0290-00LOrganic Chemistry (Seminar) Restricted registration - show details E-0 credits2S
529-0290-00 SOrganic Chemistry Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
Jeder Dozent hält dieses Seminar getrennt.
2 hrs
Fri09:45-11:30HCI G 374 »
E. M. Carreira, J. W. Bode, H. Wennemers, R. Zenobi
529-0299-00LOrganic ChemistryE-0 credits1.5K
529-0299-00 KOrganic Chemistry1.5 hrs
Mon15:45-19:30HCI J 7 »
J. W. Bode, E. M. Carreira, P. Chen, H. Wennemers, R. Zenobi
529-1100-00LFragrance ChemistryW1 credit1V
529-1100-00 VFragrance Chemistry
Does not take place this semester.
1 hrs
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