Suchergebnis: Lehrveranstaltungen im Herbstsemester 2021

Rechnergestützte Wissenschaften Master Information
636-0007-00LComputational Systems Biology Information W6 KP3V + 2U
636-0007-00 VComputational Systems Biology
Lecture: “inverted classroom”. Students are expected to watch the lecture videos provided ahead of a Zoom Q&A session that will be held every Wednesday 16:15-17:00.
Tutorials on Fridays 10:15-12:00 will be held via Zoom.
In addition, students can sign up for Q&A sessions in presence in small groups (max. 30). They will be offered on selected Wednesdays
15:15-16:00 in the lecture room HG D 3.2. For details and scheduling, see the course Moodle.
3 Std.
Mi14:15-17:00HG D 3.2 »
J. Stelling
636-0007-00 UComputational Systems Biology
Tutorials on Fridays 10:15-12:00 will be held via Zoom.
2 Std.
Fr10:15-12:00HG D 1.2 »
J. Stelling
636-0017-00LComputational BiologyW6 KP3G + 2A
636-0017-00 GComputational Biology
The lecture will be held each Monday (16-18 h) either in Zurich or Basel and will be transmitted via videoconference to the second location. Tutorials will happen in both locations.
Tutorials in Zürich: Monday 18-19h (HG D 16.2)
Tutorials in Basel: Thursday 12-13h (BSA E 46)
Lecture on Monday and the Tutorial on Thursday will also be available for participation via Zoom.
ATTENTION: Lecture starts on Monday, 27.09, First Tutorial in Basel on Thursday 30.09
3 Std.
Mo16:15-18:00BSA E 46 »
16:15-18:00HG D 16.2 »
18:15-19:00HG D 16.2 »
Do12:15-13:00BSA E 46 »
T. Vaughan
636-0017-00 AComputational Biology
Project Work (compulsory continuous performance assessments), no fixed presence required.
2 Std.T. Vaughan
636-0706-00LSpatio-Temporal Modelling in Biology Information W4 KP3G
636-0706-00 GSpatio-Temporal Modelling in Biology
The lecture course will be offered as “inverted classroom”. Lecture videos, slides, and scripts will be made available via Moodle, and students are expected to watch the videos ahead of the lecture. The 45-minute in person lecture time serves to answer student question where necessary, and to discuss application examples with students to deepen their understanding of the material. Similarly, problem sheets and solutions will be made available ahead of the tutorial. The tutorials serve to address further questions. Remote participation is always possible. It is a new form of teaching. Feedback will be most welcome.
Friday 11-12 Q&A Lecture (ZH)
Friday 12-13 Tutorial (ZH)
Course starts: Friday, Sept. 24 in ZH
3 Std.
Fr11:15-12:00HG D 16.2 »
12:15-13:00HG D 16.2 »
D. Iber
227-0421-00LDeep Learning in Artificial and Biological Neuronal NetworksW4 KP3G
227-0421-00 GDeep Learning in Artificial and Biological Neuronal Networks3 Std.
Mi09:15-12:00ML F 34 »
B. Grewe
227-1037-00LIntroduction to Neuroinformatics Information W6 KP2V + 1U + 1A
227-1037-00 VIntroduction to Neuroinformatics2 Std.
Do08:15-10:00NO C 60 »
V. Mante, M. Cook, B. Grewe, G. Indiveri, D. Kiper, W. von der Behrens
227-1037-00 UIntroduction to Neuroinformatics1 Std.
Do10:15-11:00NO C 60 »
V. Mante, M. Cook, B. Grewe, G. Indiveri, D. Kiper, W. von der Behrens
227-1037-00 AIntroduction to Neuroinformatics
Self-study, no fixed presence required.
1 Std.V. Mante
551-1299-00LIntroduction to Bioinformatics Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen W6 KP4G
551-1299-00 GIntroduction to Bioinformatics
Lecture: Mo 12-14
Exercises: Mo 14-16
4 Std.
Mo11:45-13:30HPT C 103 »
13:45-15:30HPT C 103 »
S. Sunagawa, M. Gstaiger, A. Kahles, G. Rätsch, B. Snijder, E. Vayena, C. von Mering, N. Zamboni
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