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Environmental Sciences Bachelor Information
Students can choose between one Bachelor thesis of 10KP or two Bachelor theses of 5KP each.

In principle, all professors and lecturers involved in the teaching of the Environmental Sciences degree programme are entitled to supervise a Bachelor's thesis (BA).
BA in the area of social sciences and humanities can only be supervised by lecturers who teach in this area. The same applies to BA in the field of natural sciences and technology.
If the thesis is supervised by a person who does not teach in the Environmental Sciences degree programme or who does not have ETH lecturer status, then the student has to fill in the "Form for supervisors of a Bachelor thesis who do not teach in the Environmental Sciences degree programme" Link
Basic Courses II
Additional Compulsory Courses
701-0033-00LLaboratory Course in Physics for Students of Environmental Sciences Information
Enrollment is only possible under Link.
No registration required via myStudies. For further information visit: Link

Only students from 3th Semester BSc Environmental Sciences on are admitted to this lecture.
O2 credits4PM. Münnich, A. Biland, N. Gruber
AbstractLearning with the basic principles of scientific experimentation. By performing experiments in different fields of experimental physics the students will learn the usage of measurement instruments as well as the correct analysis and assessment of the measurements. Physics as a personal experience will play an important role in it.
ObjectiveWorking in a laboratory forms an important part of modern scientific education. Using simple experimental setup the laboratory course will provide basic knowledge of:
- the setup of experiments,
- various measurement techniques,
- the use of various measurement instruments,
- the correct performance of experiments,
- the analysis of the accuracy of the measurements,
- and the interpretations of the measured quantities.
The course will also deepen the knowledge of experimental physics.

In addition to experiments selected from the physics lab for physicists, this lab course offers experiments specially developed for bachelor students in environmental sciences, which illustrate the mutual relationships between physical processes and chemical and biological phenomena.
ContentThe students select 5 out of 18 offered experiments which they like to perform. For each of these experiments the students document and analyze their measurements, estimate in written reports the accuracy of their results and compare these with the values expected according to the laws of physics.
Lecture notesManuals for the experiments are provided online on the Moodle pages of the course.
Prerequisites / NoticeEnrollment not in MyStudies but at Link.
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