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Physics Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2021)
First Year Compulsory Courses
First Year Examination Block 2
401-1151-00LLinear Algebra I Information O7 credits4V + 2UR. Pink
AbstractIntroduction to the theory of vector spaces for students of mathematics or physics: Basics, vector spaces, linear transformations, solutions of systems of equations, matrices, determinants, endomorphisms, eigenvalues, eigenvectors.
Objective- Mastering basic concepts of Linear Algebra
- Introduction to mathematical methods
Content- Basics
- Vectorspaces and linear maps
- Systems of linear equations and matrices
- Determinants
- Endomorphisms and eigenvalues
LiteratureWe publish a summary of the content of the lecture course on the homepage: Link
Besides this we recommend one textbook about Linear Algebra, for instance one of these:
- G. Fischer: Lineare Algebra. Springer-Verlag 2014. Link: Link
- K. Jänich: Lineare Algebra. Springer-Verlag 2004. Link: Link
- H.-J. Kowalsky, G. O. Michler: Lineare Algebra. Walter de Gruyter 2003. Link: Link
- S. H. Friedberg, A. J. Insel and L. E. Spence: Linear Algebra. Pearson 2003. Link
In addition we recommend this general introduction into studying mathematics:
- H. Schichl and R. Steinbauer: Einführung in das mathematische Arbeiten. Springer-Verlag 2012. Link: Link
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