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Chemical and Bioengineering Master Information
Environment and Energy
529-0191-01LElectrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage TechnologiesW4 credits3G
529-0191-01 GElectrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies3 hrs
Tue14:15-17:00HG G 5 »
L. Gubler, E. Fabbri, J. Herranz Salañer
529-0507-00LHands-on Electrochemistry for Energy Storage and Conversion Applications Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisites: previous attendance of at least one of the following courses is mandatory:
- 529-0659-00L Electrochemistry: Fundamentals, Cells & Applications
- 529-0440-00L Physical Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis
- 529-0191-01L Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies
W6 credits6P
529-0507-00 PHands-on Electrochemistry for Energy Storage and Conversion Applications
Block course at the end of the spring semester
Daten:Sept. 6-10 / 13-16 (PSI) and Sept. 17 (ETHZ)
80s hrs
07.06. - 17.06.08:00-17:00Ex te rn »
17.09.07:45-17:30HCI D 8 »
L. Gubler, E. Fabbri, J. Herranz Salañer, S. Trabesinger
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