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GESS Science in Perspective Information
Only the courses listed below will be recognized as "GESS Science in Perspective" courses.

Further below you will find courses under the category "Type B courses Reflections about subject specific methods and content" as well as the language courses.

During the Bachelor’s degree Students should acquire at least 6 ECTS and during the Master’s degree 2 ECTS.

Students who already took a course within their main study program are NOT allowed to take the course again.
Type A: Enhancement of Reflection Competence
Suitable for all students.

Students who already took a course within their main study program are NOT allowed to take the course again.
Political Science
853-0058-01LSwiss Foreign and Security Politics Since 1945 (without Tutorial)W3 credits2V
853-0058-00 VSchweizer Aussen- & Sicherheitspolitik seit 19452 hrs
Wed10:15-12:00HG D 3.2 »
A. Wenger
853-0010-01LConflict Research II: Civil Wars (without Exercises)W3 credits2V
853-0010-00 VKonfliktforschung II: Bürgerkriege2 hrs
Wed14:15-16:00IFW C 33 »
S. Rüegger, L.‑E. Cederman
853-0048-01LInternational Politics: Theory and MethodsW3 credits3G
853-0048-00 GInternationale Politik: Theorie und Analysemethoden3 hrs
Mon09:15-12:00HG D 5.2 »
J. Lipps
227-0664-00LTechnology and Policy of Electrical Energy StorageW3 credits2G
227-0664-00 GTechnology and Policy of Electrical Energy Storage2 hrs
Wed16:15-18:00NO C 60 »
V. Wood, T. Schmidt
860-0001-00LPublic Institutions and Policy-Making Processes Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 25.

Priority for Science, Technology, and Policy MSc.
W3 credits2G
860-0001-00 GPublic Institutions and Policy-Making Processes2 hrs
Wed10:15-12:00IFW A 32.1 »
E. K. Smith, S. Bechtold, F. Schimmelfennig
857-0075-01LContemporary European PoliticsW3 credits2S
857-0075-00 SContemporary European Politics2 hrs
Tue12:15-14:00RZ F 21 »
M. Jacob, A. Baysan, S. Hegewald, J. Lipps, N. Olszewska, D. Schraff
853-0057-02LStrategic Studies II (without Exercises)W3 credits2V
853-0057-00 VStrategische Studien II2 hrs
Mon10:15-12:00IFW B 42 »
M. Mantovani, M. Berni, M. Wyss
851-0649-00LInternational Development EngineeringW1 credit2V
851-0649-00 VInternational Development Engineering
The lecturers will communicate the exact lesson times of ONLINE courses.
2 hrs
Thu16:00-18:00ON LI NE »
I. Günther, A. Rom, K. Shea, E. Tilley
851-0519-00LDeportation as a Mean of Migration and Population ControlW3 credits2V
851-0519-00 VAusschaffen – Deportationen als Mittel der Migrations- und Bevölkerungskontrolle2 hrs
Wed18:15-20:00HG E 33.1 »
S. M. Scheuzger
851-0647-00LModel United Nations - International Policy-making Restricted registration - show details W2 credits1S
851-0647-00 SModel United Nations - International Policy-making Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Additional block course
Location: CLD A1
20s hrs
Tue18:15-20:00HG E 33.5 »
L. Hensgen, F. M. Egli
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