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Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnologie Master Information
Master-Studium (Studienreglement 2018)
The core courses and specialization courses below are a selection for students who wish to specialize in the area of "Communication", see

The individual study plan is subject to the tutor's approval.
These core courses are particularly recommended for the field of "Communication".
You may choose core courses form other fields in agreement with your tutor.

A minimum of 24 credits must be obtained from core courses during the MSc EEIT.
Foundation Core Courses
227-0104-00LCommunication and Detection Theory Information W6 KP4G
227-0104-00 GCommunication and Detection Theory4 Std.
Di14:15-18:00ETZ E 8 »
A. Lapidoth
227-0120-00LCommunication Networks Information W6 KP4G
227-0120-00 GCommunication Networks
Vorlesung: Mo 10-12
Übungen: Do 10-12
Eine weitere Stunde nach Vereinbarung (Praktikum)
4 Std.
Mo10:15-12:00HG E 1.2 »
Do10:15-12:00HG E 1.2 »
L. Vanbever
227-0125-00LOptics and PhotonicsW6 KP2V + 2U
227-0125-00 VOptics and Photonics2 Std.
Di10:15-12:00ETZ E 6 »
J. Leuthold
227-0125-00 UOptics and Photonics2 Std.
Di08:15-10:00ETZ E 6 »
J. Leuthold
Advanced Core Courses
227-0147-00LVLSI II: Design of Very Large Scale Integration Circuits Information W6 KP5G
227-0147-00 GVLSI II: Design of Very Large Scale Integration Circuits
Lecture: Tue 14-16 h
Exercises: Wen 9-12 h
5 Std.
Di14:15-16:00LFW B 1 »
Mi09:15-12:00ETZ D 61.1 »
09:15-12:00ETZ D 96.1 »
F. K. Gürkaynak, L. Benini
227-0418-00LAlgebra and Error Correcting Codes Information W6 KP4G
227-0418-00 GAlgebra and Error Correcting Codes4 Std.
Di14:15-18:00ETZ E 9 »
H.‑A. Loeliger
227-0420-00LInformation Theory II Information W6 KP4G
227-0420-00 GInformation Theory II4 Std.
Do14:15-18:00ETZ E 9 »
A. Lapidoth, S. M. Moser
227-0436-00LDigital Communication and Signal ProcessingW6 KP2V + 2U
227-0436-00 VDigital Communication and Signal Processing
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
2 Std.A. Wittneben
227-0436-00 UDigital Communication and Signal Processing
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
2 Std.A. Wittneben
227-0558-00LPrinciples of Distributed Computing Information W7 KP2V + 2U + 2A
227-0558-00 VPrinciples of Distributed Computing2 Std.
Mi08:15-10:00CAB G 11 »
R. Wattenhofer, M. Ghaffari
227-0558-00 UPrinciples of Distributed Computing
In Gruppen
2 Std.
Mi14:15-16:00LFW C 11 »
16:15-18:00HG G 26.1 »
R. Wattenhofer, M. Ghaffari
227-0558-00 APrinciples of Distributed Computing
No presence required.
Creative task outside the regular weekly exercises.
2 Std.R. Wattenhofer, M. Ghaffari
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