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Erdwissenschaften Master Information
Vertiefung in Geophysics
Pflichtmodule Geophysics
Geophysics: Methods I
651-4096-00LInverse Theory I: BasicsO3 KP2V
651-4096-00 VInverse Theory I: Basics
For students attending Geothermal Energy: Note that Geothermal Energy starts at 12:30
28s Std.
Mi/108:15-12:00NO C 44 »
08:15-12:00NO F 11 »
A. Fichtner
Geophysical Methods II
651-4013-00LPotential Field TheoryO3 KP2G
651-4013-00 GPotential Field Theory2 Std.
Mi14:15-16:00NO E 51.1 »
A. Khan
Wahlpflichtmodule Geophysics
651-4006-00LSeismology of the Spherical EarthO3 KP3G
651-4006-00 GSeismology of the Spherical Earth3 Std.
Do09:15-12:00LEE D 105 »
09:15-12:00NO D 11 »
M. van Driel, S. C. Stähler
Physics of the Earth's Interior
651-4017-00LEarth's Core and the GeodynamoO3 KP2G
651-4017-00 GEarth's Core and the Geodynamo2 Std.
Mi16:15-18:00NO F 39 »
P. D. Marti, C. Hardy
651-4008-00LDynamics of the Mantle and LithosphereO3 KP2G
651-4008-00 GDynamics of the Mantle and Lithosphere28s Std.
Mo/110:15-12:00NO F 39 »
14:15-16:00NO E 51.1 »
A. Rozel
651-5104-00LDeep Electromagnetic Sounding of the Earth and Planetary Interiors
The attendance of Mathematical Methods (651-4130-00L, Autumn Semester) is advisable.
651-5104-00 GDeep Electromagnetic Sounding of the Earth and Planetary Interiors2 Std.
Di10:15-12:00NO E 51.1 »
A. Kuvshinov, A. Grayver, F. Samrock
Applied Geophysics
Applied Geophysics: Obligatorische Fächer
651-4079-00LReflection Seismology ProcessingO5 KP6V + 6U
651-4079-00 VReflection Seismology Processing6 Std.
Mo12:15-14:00NO C 44 »
Di12:15-14:00NO C 44 »
D.‑J. van Manen
651-4079-00 UReflection Seismology Processing Exercises
Exercises on Mon and Tue from 13-15 and 15-17 (two groups)
6 Std.
Mo13:15-15:00NO F 11 »
15:15-17:00NO F 11 »
Di13:15-15:00NO F 11 »
15:15-17:00NO F 11 »
D.‑J. van Manen
651-4240-00LGeofluidsO6 KP4G
651-4240-00 GGeofluids4 Std.
Mo08:15-10:00NO F 11 »
Mi16:15-18:00NO F 11 »
X.‑Z. Kong, T. Driesner, S. Kyas, A. Moreira Mulin Leal
Applied Geophysics: Wahlpflichtfächer
651-4087-00LCase Studies in Exploration and Environmental GeophysicsW+3 KP3G
651-4087-00 GCase Studies in Exploration and Environmental Geophysics35s Std.
Do13:15-16:00NO C 44 »
H. Maurer, J. Robertsson, M. Hertrich, M. O. Saar, T. Spillmann
» zusätzlicher Kurs in Absprache mit dem Fachberater Geophysics im Umfang von mind. 3KP
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