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Cyber Security Master Information
Software Engineering
Core Courses
252-0237-00LConcepts of Object-Oriented Programming Information W8 credits3V + 2U + 2A
252-0237-00 VConcepts of Object-Oriented Programming
The lecturers will communicate the exact lesson times of ONLINE courses.
3 hrs
Thu09:00-12:00ON LI NE »
P. Müller
252-0237-00 UConcepts of Object-Oriented Programming
Students will be assigned to groups at the beginning of the semester.
2 hrs
Fri08:15-10:00CAB G 57 »
08:15-10:00CHN D 42 »
10:15-12:00CAB G 57 »
10:15-12:00CHN D 42 »
10:15-12:00CHN D 44 »
P. Müller
252-0237-00 AConcepts of Object-Oriented Programming2 hrsP. Müller
263-2800-00LDesign of Parallel and High-Performance Computing Information W9 credits3V + 2U + 3A
263-2800-00 VDesign of Parallel and High-Performance Computing3 hrs
Mon13:00-16:00ON LI NE »
T. Hoefler, M. Püschel
263-2800-00 UDesign of Parallel and High-Performance Computing2 hrs
Thu14:15-16:00CAB G 61 »
T. Hoefler, M. Püschel
263-2800-00 ADesign of Parallel and High-Performance Computing
Project Work, no fixed presence required.
3 hrsT. Hoefler, M. Püschel
Elective Courses
263-2400-00LReliable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence Information W6 credits2V + 2U + 1A
263-2400-00 VReliable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence
The lecturers will communicate the exact lesson times of ONLINE courses.
2 hrs
Wed14:00-16:00ON LI NE »
M. Vechev
263-2400-00 UReliable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence
Exercise session will start in the second week of the semester.
2 hrs
Mon12:15-14:00CAB G 56 »
Wed12:15-14:00CAB G 51 »
M. Vechev
263-2400-00 AReliable and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence1 hrsM. Vechev
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