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Health Sciences and Technology TC Information
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Subject Didactics and Professional Training
376-8001-00LDidactics of Health Sciences and Technology I Restricted registration - show details
Only for Health Sciences and Technology TC students.

Enrolment at the earliest possible with the lecture 851-0240-00 "Human Learning"
O4 credits3GS. Maurer
AbstractIn this course students learn the principles and techniques of teaching singular lessons, based on scientific knowledge about learning. The aim is to plan, realize, evaluate and reflect lessons effectively and efficiently.
Objective- Students know how to prepare, conduct and reflect a single lesson based on educational requirements.
- Students take the learning goals as a starting point considering previous knowledge as well as the professional environment and the ambitions of the learners.
- Students apply the basic teaching techniques of their subject area in a sensible way and know how to appropriately arrange the phases of learning.
- Students know how to simplify and present complex technical contents of their subject area.
376-8008-00LTeaching Internship Including Examination Lessons Health Sciences and Technology Restricted registration - show details
Only for Health Sciences and Technology TC students.

The teaching internship can just be visited if all other courses of TC are completed.
Repetition of the teaching internship is excluded even if the examination lessons are to be repeated.
O6 credits13PS. Maurer
AbstractStudents apply the insights, abilities and skills they have acquired within the context of an educational institution. They observe 10 lessons and teach 20 lessons independently. Two of them are as assessed as Examination Lessons.
ObjectiveStudents use their specialist-subject, educational-science and subject-didactics training to draw up concepts for teaching.
- They are able to assess the significance of tuition topics for their subject from different angles (including interdisciplinary angles) and impart these to their pupils.
- They learn the skills of the teaching trade.
- They practise finding the balance between instruction and openness so that pupils can and, indeed, must make their own cognitive contribution.
- They learn to assess pupils' work.
- Together with the teacher in charge of their teacher training, the students constantly evaluate their own performance.
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