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Environmental Engineering Master Information
Major Resource Management
Ecological Systems Design
102-0307-01LAdvanced Environmental, Social and Economic Assessments Restricted registration - show details
The combined course unit is only for Master students in Environmental Engineering. All other students enrol for one or both out of the single courses.
O5 credits4GA. E. Braunschweig, S. Pfister, R. Frischknecht
102-0317-03LAdvanced Environmental Assessment (Computer Lab I)O1 credit1US. Pfister
Module is offered in FS.
Waste Management
Remark: 102-0337-00 Landfilling, Contaminated Sites and Radioactive Waste Repositories only for those students also taking module "System Analysis in Urban Water Management" as replacement of 102-0217-00 Process Engineering Ia in module "Waste Management".
102-0357-00LWaste Recycling TechnologiesO3 credits2GR. Bunge
102-0337-00LLandfilling, Contaminated Sites and Radioactive Waste Repositories Restricted registration - show details
Only for Environmental Engineering MSc.
O3 credits2GM. Plötze, W. Hummel
102-0217-00LProcess Engineering Ia Information O3 credits2GE. Morgenroth
Water Resources Management
102-0468-00 Watershed Modelling (3CP) and 102-0237-00 Hydrology II (3CP) for the last time in HS20 and only for students in exceptional cases.
102-0468-10LWatershed Modelling Information O6 credits4GP. Molnar, N. Peleg
102-0468-00LWatershed Modelling Information O3 credits2GP. Molnar
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