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Environmental Engineering Master Information
Major Environmental Technologies
Compulsory Moudules
Process Engineering in Urban Water Management
102-0217-01LProcess Engineering Ib Information
Prerequisite: 102-0217-00L Process Engineering Ia (given in HS).
O3 credits2GE. Morgenroth
AbstractThe purpose of this course is to build on the fundamental understanding of biological processes and wastewater treatment applications that were studied in Process Engineering Ia. Case studies that are jointly discussed in class and student led projects allow you to advance the understanding and critical analysis of biological treatment processes.
ObjectiveStudents should be able to evaluate existing wastewater treatment plants and future designs using basic process understanding, mathematical modeling tools, and knowledge obtained from the current literature. The students shall be capable to apply and recognize the limits of the kinetic models which have been developed to simulate these systems.
ContentAdvanced modeling of activated sludge systems
Nitrification, denitrification, and biological P elimination
Enrichment in mixed culture systems using, e.g., selectors
Biofilm kinetics and application to full scale plants
Critical review of treatment processes
Lecture notesCopies of overheads will be made available.
Prerequisites / NoticePrerequisite: 102-0217-00 Process Engineering Ia (held in HS).
102-0218-00LProcess Engineering II (Physical-Chemical Processes) Information O6 credits4GK. M. Udert
AbstractDescription and design of physical, chemical and biological processes and process combinations in drinking water and wastewater treatment.
ObjectiveUnderstanding of critical water quality parameters in water resources and wastewater and process engineering knowledge for the removal of drinking water and environmental hazards. The aims of the lecture are basic understanding of mainly physico-chemical water treatment processes, design and modeling tools of single processes and process combinations.
ContentThe following prcesses and process combination will be discussed in detail:
Gas transfer
Particle characterization
Membrane processes
Precipitation processes
Chemical oxidation and disinfection
Ion exchange
Activated carbon adsorption
Process combinations wastewater
Removal of nitrogen
Removal of micropollutants
Process combinations potable water
LiteratureM&E: Tchobanoglous, G., Stensel, H.D., Tsuchihashi, R. and Burton, F.L., 2013. Wastewater engineering: treatment and resource recovery. 5th edition. Volume 1 & 2. New York, McGraw-Hill.
MWH: Crittenden, J.C., Trussel, R.R., Hand, D.W., Howe, K., Tchobanoglous, G., 2012. MWH's water treatment principles and design, 3rd edition. ed. Wiley, Hoboken, N.J.
Prerequisites / NoticePre-condition: Lecture Process Engineering Ia
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