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Environmental Engineering Bachelor Information
6. Semester
Elective Blocks
Elective Block: Civil Engineering
101-0206-00LHydraulic EngineeringW5 credits4GR. Boes
AbstractHydraulic systems, schemes and structures (e.g. dams, intakes, conduits, pipes, open channels, weirs, powerhouses, locks), fundamentals in river engineering and natural hazards
ObjectiveKnowledge of hydraulic systems and their main hydraulic components and structures; competence in planning and design of hydraulic structures with regard to serviceability, reliability and cost-effectiveness
ContentHydraulic systems: High-head storage power plants and low-head run-of-river power plants.
Weirs: weir and gate types, hydraulic design.
Intakes: intake types, desilting facilities and sand traps.
Channels: design, open and closed channels.
Closed conduits: linings, hydraulic design of pressure tunnels and shafts.
Dams and reservoirs: dam types, appurtenant structures
River engineering: flow computation, sediment transport, engineering and environmental measures.
Natural hazards: types, basics of countermeasures
Inland navigation: channels and locks.
Exercises in written form, exercises in hydraulic and computer laboratory.
Field trip.
Lecture notesComprehensive script "Hydraulic structures" in German.
Literatureliterature references are given at the end of each chapter of the script. Recommended books: see course description in German
Prerequisites / Noticestrongly recommended: basic knowledge in hydraulics (fluid mechanics)
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