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Environmental Sciences Master Information
Major in Atmosphere and Climate
Mandatory Courses
Introduction Course
701-1213-00LIntroduction Course to Master Studies Atmosphere and Climate Information O2 credits2GH. Joos, T. Peter
AbstractNew master students are introduced to the atmospheric and climate research field through keynotes given by the programme's professors. In several self-assessment and networking workshops they get to know each other and find their position in the science.
ObjectiveThe aims of this course are i) to welcome all students to the master program and to ETH, ii) to acquaint students with the faculty teaching in the field of atmospheric and climate science at ETH and at the University of Bern, iii) that the students get to know each other and iv) to assess needs and discuss options for training and eduction of soft-skills during the Master program and to give an overview of the study options in general
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