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Vertiefung in Food Quality and Safety
Optionale Fächer
752-5111-00LGene Technology in FoodsW+3 KP2VL. Meile, G. Broggini
KurzbeschreibungThis course will increase basic knowledge on biotechnological constructions and application of genetically modified organisms (GMO) which are used worldwide in food production systems. The course discusses health issues, the legislation frame and food safety aspects of GMO applications in agriculture, food production and consumption in Switzerland and EU-countries.
LernzielThis course will provide knowledge and biological background on genetically modified organisms (GMO) and food produced with the help of GMO, especially on the molecular basis of GMO constructions with emphasis on genetically modified food in Switzerland and the EU. Criteria of rationale food safety and health assessment in agriculture and food consumption will be elaborated.
InhaltOverview on application in gene technology, the gene transfer potential of bacteria, plants and other organisms and the mostly used transgenes in food as well as on GMO used for food production and their detection technologies in food; food safety assessment of GMO food; information on the legislation in Switzerland and EU-countries
SkriptCopies of slides from lectures will be provided
LiteraturActual publications from literature will be provided
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesGood knowledge in biology, especially in microbiology and molecular biology are prerequisites.
Some contents will be provided by registred students who will present as a group an actual publication.
752-1302-00LAdvanced Topics in Toxicology Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Only for students who have previously taken "Special Topics in Food Toxicology" (752-1301-00L).
W2 KP2GS. J. Sturla
KurzbeschreibungJournal-club style course that involves student presentations of selected topics in Toxicology on the basis of current primary research and review papers.
LernzielThe goals are to stimulate student interest and provide advanced knowledge of current research in the interdisciplinary area of Food and Nutrition Toxicology and its related sciences. The student should develop skills in the critical evaluation of scientific literature, oral presentation and questioning, and understanding modern experimental techniques in Molecular Toxicology.
InhaltThe journal-club style course involves student presentations of recent publications. The primary focus is on chemical and biochemical aspects of selected topics in Toxicology. Participants are generally masters or PhD students in Food Sciences and related disciplines (i.e. Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, etc.), and strong knowledge of organic chemistry and biochemistry are prerequisite. Selected course topics change every semester.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesParticipants are required to have completed previously "Special Topics in Toxicology" (752-1301-00L). Both courses are run concurrently every semester. It is only possible to register for one course at a time. Do not register for "Advanced Topics in Toxicology" until after you have completed "Special Topics in Toxicology"
376-1353-00LNanostructured Materials SafetyW2 KP1VP. Wick
KurzbeschreibungFundamentals in nanostructured material - living system interactions focusing on the main exposure routes, lung, gastrointestinal tract, skin and intravenous injection
LernzielUnderstanding the potential side effects of nanomaterials in a context-specific way, enabling to evaluate nanomaterial safety and provide knowledge to design safer materials
SkriptHandouts provided during the classes and references therein as well as primary literature as case studies will be posted to the course website
Voraussetzungen / Besonderescourse "Introduction to Toxicology"
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