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History and Philosophy of Knowledge Master Information
Basic Courses
Lectures and Exercises
862-0050-00LTheory and Methodology Seminar MAGPW Restricted registration - show details
Only for MA History and Philosophy of Knowledge.
W2 credits2GN. Guettler, C. Jany
851-0549-00LWebClass Introductory Course History of Technology 3.0 Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 50

Registration in the introductory session on 23.9.2019. In addition, registration at Link as well as on the Moodle server is required. Late registrations cannot be considered

Particularly suitable for students of D-BAUG, D-INFK, D-ITET, D-MATL, D-MAVT.
W3 credits2VG. Hürlimann
851-0609-06LGoverning the Energy Transition Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 25.

Primarily suited for Master and PhD level.
W3 credits2VT. Schmidt, S. Sewerin
851-0125-65LA Sampler of Histories and Philosophies of Mathematics
Particularly suitable for students D-CHAB, D-INFK, D-ITET, D-MATH, D-PHYS
W3 credits2VR. Wagner
851-0101-31LThe Rise of an Asian Giant: Introduction to the History of Modern India (c. 1600-2000)W3 credits2VH. Fischer-Tiné
851-0157-00LMind and BrainW3 credits2VM. Hagner
851-0101-88LNational Socialist Persecution, International Politics on Refugees and Science 1933-1945 Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30
W3 credits2GG. Spuhler
851-0101-85LImages of the ArtificialW3 credits2V + 2UM. Hampe
851-0101-89LPhilosophical Issues and Problems in Theoretical Computer ScienceW3 credits2VD. Proudfoot
851-0101-91LModernity and its Other: Fantastic Literature and Occultism ca. 1900W3 credits2VA. Kilcher
851-0125-68LIntroduction to Premodern Astral SciencesW3 credits2VS. Hirose
851-0101-72LThe Modern City and Cultural Criticism. The "Knowledge of Life" in Reform Movements 1880-1933W3 credits2VS. S. Leuenberger
851-0101-79LHas Truth Any Value, And If So, How Could I Adopt a (More) Objective Attitude in My Belief FormationW3 credits2GL. Wingert
851-0101-80LBasic Problems of Environmental EthicsW3 credits2GL. Wingert
851-0101-28LThe Birth of a Writer. Primo Levi and His “If this is a Man”W3 credits2VM. Belpoliti
851-0101-71LThe Autodidactic Journey in WritingW3 credits2VP. Kramer
851-0101-67LPhilosophy, Science, Teachings of Wisdom. On the History of Epistemic AttitudesW3 credits2VM. Hampe
851-0301-17LGerman RomanticismW3 credits2VC. Jany
701-0019-00LReadings in Environmental Thinking Information
Does not take place this semester.
W3 credits2SJ. Ghazoul
851-0144-20LPhilosophical Aspects of Quantum Physics
Particularly suitable for students of D-CHAB, D-PHYS
W3 credits2SR. Renner
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