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MAS in Medical Physics Information
Compulsory Courses (for both Directions)
465-0954-00LAnatomy and Physiology for Medical Physicists IIO2 credits2V
465-0954-00 VAnatomy and Physiology for Medical Physicists II2 hrs
Tue13:15-15:00HG F 26.5 »
M. Messerli
465-0952-00LBiomedical PhotonicsO3 credits2V
465-0952-00 VBiomedical Photonics2 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00HG F 26.5 »
M. Frenz
465-0958-00LAudiological AcousticsO1 credit1V
465-0958-00 VAudiological Acoustics
**together with University of Zurich**
1 hrs
Tue09:15-10:00HG E 33.5 »
F. Pfiffner
227-0396-00LEXCITE Interdisciplinary Summer School on Bio-Medical Imaging Information Restricted registration - show details
The school admits 60 MSc or PhD students with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science or engineering based on a selection process.

Students have to apply for acceptance by April 22, 2019. To apply a curriculum vitae and an application letter need to be submitted. The notification of acceptance will be given by May 24, 2019. Further information can be found at:
O4 credits6G
227-0396-00 GEXCITE Interdisciplinary Summer School on Bio-Medical Imaging
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
**together with University of Zurich**

Two-week course taking place from September 2 to September 13, 2019.
80s hrs
02.09. - 13.09.08:15-15:00CAB G 51 »
08:15-15:00CAB G 59 »
08:15-19:00CAB G 61 »
04.09. - 05.09.LFW C 4 »
07.09.08:15-15:00CAB G 61 »
09.09.14:15-18:00HG F 26.1 »
14:15-18:00LFW B 2 »
S. Kozerke, G. Csúcs, J. Klohs-Füchtemeier, S. F. Noerrelykke, M. P. Wolf
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