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Mechanical Engineering Master Information
Core Courses
Micro & Nanosystems
The courses listed in this category “Core Courses” are recommended. Alternative courses can be chosen in agreement with the tutor.
151-0060-00LThermodynamics and Energy Conversion in Micro- and Nanoscale TechnologiesW4 credits2V + 2U
151-0060-00 VThermodynamics and Energy Conversion in Micro- and Nanoscale Technologies2 hrs
Wed13:15-15:00ML F 39 »
D. Poulikakos, H. Eghlidi, T. Schutzius
151-0060-00 UThermodynamics and Energy Conversion in Micro- and Nanoscale Technologies2 hrs
Thu09:15-11:00ML F 40 »
D. Poulikakos, H. Eghlidi, T. Schutzius
151-0116-10LHigh Performance Computing for Science and Engineering (HPCSE) for Engineers II Information W4 credits4G
151-0116-00 GHigh Performance Computing for Science and Engineering (HPCSE) II
Lecture: 13-15h
Exercises: 10-12h
The exercises begin in the second week of the semester.
4 hrs
Mon10:15-12:00HG G 3 »
13:15-15:00HG D 1.1 »
13:15-15:00HG E 26.1 »
04.06.10:15-12:00HG D 1.1 »
P. Koumoutsakos, P. Chatzidoukas
151-0172-00LMicrosystems II: Devices and Applications Information W6 credits3V + 3U
151-0172-00 VMicrosystems II: Devices and Applications3 hrs
Thu13:15-16:00HG D 1.2 »
C. Hierold, C. I. Roman
151-0172-00 UMicrosystems II: Devices and Applications
The course starts in the second week of the semester.
3 hrs
Mon13:15-16:00ML F 39 »
C. I. Roman
151-0530-00LNonlinear Dynamics and Chaos II Information W4 credits4G
151-0530-00 GNonlinear Dynamics and Chaos II4 hrs
Wed10:15-12:00HG F 26.3 »
Thu16:15-18:00ML J 34.3 »
29.03.16:15-17:00ML J 34.3 »
14.05.10:15-12:00ML H 37.1 »
15.05.16:15-18:00HG F 26.5 »
G. Haller
151-0620-00LEmbedded MEMS LabW5 credits3P
151-0620-00 PEmbedded MEMS Lab
- Distribution of the script / class material and first part of the introduction lecture (compulsory): 21.02.2018, 13h-18h.

- Second part of the introduction lecture (compulsory): 28.02.2018, 13h-18h.

- Practical portion of the course will be carried out in the cleanrooms of CLA, 7 consecutive Wednesdays from 13:00 to 18:30 during the semester weeks.

- Attendance is required at all meetings of the course.
45s hrs
Wed13:15-14:00CAB G 57 »
13:15-14:00CHN G 22 »
13:15-14:00CLA G 2 »
13:15-14:00HG D 3.1 »
21.02.13:15-18:00HG G 26.1 »
28.02.13:15-18:00HG G 26.1 »
C. Hierold, S. Blunier, M. Haluska
151-0622-00LMeasuring on the Nanometer ScaleW2 credits2G
151-0622-00 GMeasuring on the Nanometer Scale2 hrs
Thu10:15-12:00ML F 38 »
A. Stemmer, T. Wagner
151-0628-00LScanning Probe Microscopy Lab Restricted registration - show details
Limited number of participants.
Please address your application to Andreas Stemmer (Link).

Simultaneous enrolment in 151-0622-00L Measuring on the Nanometer Scale is required.
W2 credits2P
151-0628-00 PScanning Probe Microscopy Lab Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
30s hrsby appt.A. Stemmer, T. Wagner
151-0630-00LNanorobotics Information W4 credits2V + 1U
151-0630-00 VNanorobotics2 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00ML F 36 »
S. Pané Vidal
151-0630-00 UNanorobotics1 hrs
Thu10:15-11:00CHN C 14 »
S. Pané Vidal
151-0642-00LSeminar on Micro and NanosystemsE-0 credits1S
151-0642-00 SSeminar on Micro and Nanosystems1 hrs
Fri13:15-15:00CLA G 2 »
C. Hierold
151-0931-00LSeminar on Particle TechnologyE-0 credits3S
151-0931-00 SSeminar on Particle Technology3 hrs
Fri14:15-17:00ML F 40 »
S. E. Pratsinis
151-0910-00LPractica in Particle TechnologyW1 credit1P
151-0910-00 PPractica in Particle Technology1 hrs
Mon13:15-17:00ML F 26 »
S. E. Pratsinis
227-0455-00LTerahertz: Technology & ApplicationsW4 credits6G
227-0455-00 GTerahertz: Technology & Applications
Block course from June 4 to June 15, 2018
04-08 June: lectures / 11-15 June: project and oral exam
6 hrs
04.06. - 08.06.08:15-18:00ETZ G 91 »
15.06.08:15-18:00ETZ G 91 »
K. Sankaran
227-0662-00LOrganic and Nanostructured Optics and Electronics Information W6 credits4G
227-0662-00 GOrganic and Nanostructured Optics and Electronics
Does not take place this semester.
Lab work schedule will be announced during the first week.
4 hrsV. Wood
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