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Process Engineering Master Information
Core Courses
151-0116-10LHigh Performance Computing for Science and Engineering (HPCSE) for Engineers II Information W4 credits4G
151-0116-00 GHigh Performance Computing for Science and Engineering (HPCSE) II
Lecture: 13-15h
Exercises: 10-12h
The exercises begin in the second week of the semester.
4 hrs
Mon10:15-12:00HG G 3 »
13:15-15:00HG D 1.1 »
13:15-15:00HG E 26.1 »
04.06.10:15-12:00HG D 1.1 »
P. Koumoutsakos, P. Chatzidoukas
151-0206-00LEnergy Systems and Power EngineeringW4 credits2V + 2U
151-0206-00 VEnergy Systems and Power Engineering2 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00ML H 44 »
R. S. Abhari, A. Steinfeld
151-0206-00 UEnergy Systems and Power Engineering
Die Übungen finden ab der 2. Semesterwoche statt.
2 hrs
Tue12:15-14:00ML F 36 »
12:15-14:00ML H 44 »
R. S. Abhari, A. Steinfeld
151-0208-00LComputational Methods for Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer ProblemsW4 credits2V + 2U
151-0208-00 VBerechnungsmethoden der Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik2 hrs
Wed08:15-10:00HG D 1.2 »
D. W. Meyer-Massetti
151-0208-00 UBerechnungsmethoden der Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik2 hrs
Wed10:15-12:00HG D 1.2 »
D. W. Meyer-Massetti
151-0211-00LConvective Heat TransportW5 credits4G
151-0211-00 GConvective Heat Transport
Does not take place this semester.
4 hrsH. G. Park
151-0224-00LSynthesis Fuel EngineeringW4 credits3V
151-0224-00 VSynthesis Fuel Engineering
Does not take place this semester.
3 hrs
151-0280-00LAdvanced Techniques for the Risk Analysis of Technical Systems Information W4 credits2V + 1U
151-0280-00 VAdvanced Techniques for the Risk Analysis of Technical Systems2 hrs
Thu10:15-12:00LEE D 101 »
24.04.17:15-19:00LEE C 114 »
G. Sansavini
151-0280-00 UAdvanced Techniques for the Risk Analysis of Technical Systems1 hrs
Tue11:15-12:00LEE D 101 »
G. Sansavini
151-0902-00LMicro- and Nanoparticle TechnologyW6 credits2V + 2U
151-0902-00 VMicro- and Nanoparticle Technology2 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00CLA E 4 »
S. E. Pratsinis, M. Eggersdorfer, K. Wegner
151-0902-00 UMicro- and Nanoparticle Technology2 hrs
Wed15:15-17:00CLA E 4 »
K. Wegner, M. Eggersdorfer, S. E. Pratsinis
151-0910-00LPractica in Particle TechnologyW1 credit1P
151-0910-00 PPractica in Particle Technology1 hrs
Mon13:15-17:00ML F 26 »
S. E. Pratsinis
151-0926-00LSeparation Process Technology IW4 credits3G
151-0926-00 GSeparation Process Technology I3 hrs
Thu10:15-14:00ML E 12 »
29.03.10:15-14:00ML H 34.1 »
31.05.10:15-14:00ML H 34.1 »
M. Mazzotti
151-0928-00LCO2 Capture and Storage and the Industry of Carbon-Based ResourcesW4 credits3G
151-0928-00 GCO2 Capture and Storage and the Industry of Carbon-Based Resources3 hrs
Mon10:15-13:00NO C 60 »
16.04.10:15-12:00NO C 60 »
M. Mazzotti, L. Bretschger, R. Knutti, C. Müller, M. Repmann, T. Schmidt, D. Sutter
151-0931-00LSeminar on Particle TechnologyZ0 credits3S
151-0931-00 SSeminar on Particle Technology3 hrs
Fri14:15-17:00ML F 40 »
S. E. Pratsinis
151-0940-00LModelling and Mathematical Methods in Process and Chemical EngineeringW4 credits3G
151-0940-00 GModelling and Mathematical Methods in Process and Chemical Engineering3 hrs
Tue13:15-16:00ML F 34 »
M. Mazzotti
151-0946-00LMacromolecular Engineering: Networks and GelsW4 credits4G
151-0946-00 GMacromolecular Engineering: Networks and Gels4 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00LEE D 105 »
Thu13:15-15:00LEE D 101 »
M. Tibbitt
151-0958-00LPractica in Process Engineering IIW2 credits2P
151-0958-00 PPractica in Process Engineering II32s hrsS. E. Pratsinis, M. Mazzotti
151-1906-00LMultiphase FlowW4 credits3G
151-1906-00 GMultiphase Flow
Lecture: Thursday from 8 - 10.
Exercise: one hour per week; Wednesday either from 8 - 9 or from 9 - 10.
3 hrs
Wed08:15-09:00ML F 40 »
08:15-09:00ML H 34.1 »
09:15-10:00ML F 40 »
09:15-10:00ML H 34.1 »
Thu08:15-10:00HG D 5.2 »
H.‑M. Prasser
151-2016-00LRadiation-Based Imaging Methods for Nuclear and Industrial ApplicationsW4 credits2V + 1U
151-2016-00 VRadiation-Based Imaging Methods for Nuclear and Industrial Applications2 hrs
Wed14:15-16:00ML F 38 »
H.‑M. Prasser, R. Adams
151-2016-00 URadiation-Based Imaging Methods for Nuclear and Industrial Applications1 hrs
Wed16:15-17:00ML F 38 »
H.‑M. Prasser, R. Adams
227-0966-00LQuantitative Big Imaging: From Images to StatisticsW4 credits2V + 1U
227-0966-00 VQuantitative Big Imaging: From Images to Statistics2 hrs
Thu09:15-11:00ETZ D 61.1 »
K. S. Mader, M. Stampanoni
227-0966-00 UQuantitative Big Imaging: From Images to Statistics1 hrs
Thu11:15-12:00ETZ D 61.1 »
K. S. Mader, M. Stampanoni
529-0191-01LRenewable Energy Technologies II, Energy Storage and Conversion
The lectures Renewable Energy Technologies I (529-0193-00L) and Renewable Energy Technologies II (529-0191-01L) can be taken independently from one another.
W4 credits3G
529-0191-01 GRenewable Energy Technologies II, Energy Storage and Conversion3 hrs
Tue14:15-17:00HG E 5 »
T. Schmidt, L. Gubler
529-0633-00LHeterogeneous Reaction EngineeringW4 credits3G
529-0633-00 GHeterogeneous Reaction Engineering3 hrs
Tue08:45-10:30HCI D 2 »
Wed08:45-09:30HCI D 8 »
J. Pérez-Ramírez, C. Mondelli
636-0111-00LSynthetic Biology I
Attention: This course was offered in previous semesters with the number: 636-0002-00L "Synthetic Biology I". Students that already passed course 636-0002-00L cannot receive credits for course 636-0111-00L.
W4 credits3G
636-0111-00 GSynthetic Biology I
ATTENTION: the lecture starts at exactly 08.00 am.
The lecture will be held either in Zurich or Basel and will be transmitted via videoconference to the second location.
3 hrs
Wed07:45-10:30HCI J 3 »
08:15-11:00BSA E 46 »
S. Panke, J. Stelling
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