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Energy Science and Technology Master Information
Obligatorische Kernfächer
363-0514-00LEnergy Economics and Policy
It is recommended for students to have taken a course in introductory microeconomics. If not, they should be familiar with microeconomics as in, for example,"Microeconomics" by Mankiw & Taylor and the appendices 4 and 7 of the book "Microeconomics" by Pindyck & Rubinfeld.
363-0514-00 GEnergy Economics and Policy2 Std.
Do17:15-19:00HG G 5 »
28.03.14:15-16:00HG F 26.3 »
18.04.13:15-15:00ML H 37.1 »
23.05.13:15-15:00ML H 37.1 »
30.05.13:15-15:00ML H 37.1 »
M. Filippini
Wählbare Kernfächer
These courses are particularly recommended, other ETH-courses from the field of Energy Science and Technology at large may be chosen in accordance with your tutor.
101-0206-00LWasserbauW5 KP4G
101-0206-00 GWasserbau4 Std.
Do08:00-09:35HIL E 1 »
Fr09:45-11:30HIL E 1 »
07.08.09:45-11:30HIL E 1 »
R. Boes
101-0588-01LRe-/Source the Built EnvironmentW3 KP2S
101-0588-01 SRe-/Source the Built Environment
No lecture during the seminar week (21.03.2018)
2 Std.
Mi16:45-18:30HIL E 1 »
14.03.15:45-18:30HCI G 3 »
28.03.15:45-18:30HCI G 3 »
11.04.15:45-18:30HCI G 3 »
18.04.15:45-18:30HCI G 3 »
02.05.15:45-18:30HCI G 3 »
G. Habert
151-0160-00LNuclear Energy SystemsW4 KP2V + 1U
151-0160-00 VNuclear Energy Systems2 Std.
Do10:15-12:00HG D 16.2 »
H.‑M. Prasser, I. Günther-Leopold, W. Hummel, P. K. Zuidema
151-0160-00 UNuclear Energy Systems1 Std.
Do12:15-13:00HG D 1.1 »
H.‑M. Prasser, I. Günther-Leopold, W. Hummel, P. K. Zuidema
151-0204-00LAerospace PropulsionW4 KP2V + 1U
151-0204-00 VAerospace Propulsion2 Std.
Do10:15-12:00ML F 34 »
R. S. Abhari, N. Chokani
151-0204-00 UAerospace Propulsion1 Std.
Do12:15-13:00ML F 34 »
R. S. Abhari, N. Chokani
151-0206-00LEnergy Systems and Power EngineeringW4 KP2V + 2U
151-0206-00 VEnergy Systems and Power Engineering2 Std.
Di10:15-12:00ML H 44 »
R. S. Abhari, A. Steinfeld
151-0206-00 UEnergy Systems and Power Engineering
Die Übungen finden ab der 2. Semesterwoche statt.
2 Std.
Di12:15-14:00ML F 36 »
12:15-14:00ML H 44 »
R. S. Abhari, A. Steinfeld
151-0211-00LConvective Heat TransportW5 KP4G
151-0211-00 GConvective Heat Transport
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
4 Std.H. G. Park
151-0214-00LTurbomachinery Mechanics and Dynamics
Prerequisites of this course are listed under "catalogue data".
151-0214-00 GTurbomachinery Mechanics and Dynamics3 Std.
Fr14:15-17:00ML F 36 »
A. Zemp
151-0226-00LEnergy and Transport FuturesW4 KP3G
151-0226-00 GEnergy and Transport Futures3 Std.
Do14:15-17:00ML D 28 »
K. Boulouchos, P. J. de Haan van der Weg, G. Georges
151-0254-00LIC-Engines and Propulsion Systems IIW4 KP2V + 1U
151-0254-00 VIC-Engines and Propulsion Systems II2 Std.
Mi10:15-12:00ML J 37.1 »
K. Boulouchos, C. Barro, P. Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler
151-0254-00 UIC-Engines and Propulsion Systems II
Die genauen Termine werden den Studenten am Anfang des Semesters mitgeteilt.
1 Std.
Mi12:15-13:00ML J 37.1 »
K. Boulouchos, C. Barro, P. Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler
151-0928-00LCO2 Capture and Storage and the Industry of Carbon-Based ResourcesW4 KP3G
151-0928-00 GCO2 Capture and Storage and the Industry of Carbon-Based Resources3 Std.
Mo10:15-13:00NO C 60 »
16.04.10:15-12:00NO C 60 »
M. Mazzotti, L. Bretschger, R. Knutti, C. Müller, M. Repmann, T. Schmidt, D. Sutter
151-0310-00LModel Predictive Engine Control Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Number of participants limited to 50.
W4 KP2V + 1U
151-0310-00 VModel Predictive Engine Control2 Std.
Mo08:15-10:00ML F 38 »
T. Albin Rajasingham
151-0310-00 UModel Predictive Engine Control1 Std.
Mo12:15-13:00ML H 41.1 »
Do13:15-15:00LEE C 104 »
T. Albin Rajasingham
227-0117-10LHochspannungstechnik I: Mess- und Versuchstechnik Information W6 KP4G
227-0117-10 GHochspannungstechnik I: Mess- und Versuchstechnik4 Std.
Do08:15-12:00ETZ E 9 »
08.03.08:15-12:00ETZ C 99 »
26.04.08:15-12:00ETZ C 99 »
24.05.08:15-12:00ETZ C 99 »
31.05.08:15-12:00ETL E 31.1 »
C. Franck, H.‑J. Weber
227-0248-00LPower Electronic Systems II Information W6 KP4G
227-0248-00 GPower Electronic Systems II4 Std.
Di13:15-17:00ETF C 1 »
J. W. Kolar
227-0528-00LPower System Dynamics, Control and Operation Information W6 KP4G
227-0528-00 GPower System Dynamics, Control and Operation4 Std.
Di08:15-12:00ETZ E 6 »
G. Hug, A. Ulbig
227-0529-00LLiberalized Electric Power Systems and Smart Grids Information W6 KP4G
227-0529-00 GLiberalized Electric Power Systems and Smart Grids4 Std.
Fr08:15-12:00ETZ E 8 »
R. Bacher
227-0530-00LOptimization in Energy SystemsW6 KP4G
227-0530-00 GOptimization in Energy Systems4 Std.
Mi13:15-17:00LFV E 41 »
G. Hug, H. Abgottspon, M. Densing
227-0536-00LMultiphysics Simulations for Power Systems Information W3 KP2V + 1U
227-0536-00 VMultiphysics Simulations for Power Systems
This course is defined so and planned to be an addition to the module "227-0537-00 G Technology of Electric Power System Components".
However, the students who are familiar with the fundamentals of electromagnetic fields could attend only this course without its 227-0537-00-complement.
2 Std.
Do08:15-10:00ETZ F 91 »
J. Smajic
227-0536-00 UMultiphysics Simulations for Power Systems1 Std.
Do10:15-12:00ETZ D 96.1 »
J. Smajic
227-0537-00LTechnology of Electric Power System Components Information W6 KP4G
227-0537-00 GTechnology of Electric Power System Components4 Std.
Do13:15-17:00ETZ H 91 »
C. Franck
227-0730-00LPower Market II - Modeling and Strategic PositioningW6 KP4G
227-0730-00 GPower Market II - Modeling and Strategic Positioning4 Std.
Mi08:15-12:00HG D 7.1 »
D. Reichelt, G. A. Koeppel
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