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529-0961-00LFundamental Aspects of Chemistry with an Educational Focus AW4 credits2AA. Togni, R. Alberto
AbstractSelected topics in general chemistry:
1) Acids, super acids, acidity functions, and unconventional solvents
2) Inorganic medicinal chemistry
3) History of radioactivity and modern radiochemistry
4) Molecular geometry and structure
ObjectiveIn this course unit, participants acquire extended and more in-depth knowledge of selected chemistry topics. The selection is based to a large extent on the partial aspects of chemistry that are typically taught at high school. By gaining a broader understanding, teachers are put in a position where they can comprehend the topics that are to be taught in a wider and, to some extent, unconventional context and critically process these in respect of their teachability and learnabiltiy. At the same time, interrelationships between the classical sub-disciplines of chemistry are highlighted, along with the unique features of chemistry as one of the central natural sciences.
ContentContent of the four modules:
1) Acids, super acids, acidity functions, non acqueous media, and unconventional solvents.
2) Inorganic medicinal chemistry: Metals in biological systems, metal-containing drugs.
3) History of radioactivity and modern radiochemistry: From the discovery of radioactivity to modern element synthesis.
4) Molecular geometry and structure: From the VSEPR model to the electron localization function (ELF), hypervalent compounds and their applications.
Lecture notesFolien und ausgewählte Literatur werden zur Verfügung gestellt.
LiteratureAusgewählte Artikel aus der Primärliteratur werden vorgestellt, kommentiert und zur Lektüre empfohlen.
Prerequisites / NoticeFV A (gelesen im Frühjahrsemester) und FV B (gelesen im Herbstsemester) bauen nicht aufeinander. Die Reihenfolge der Belegung ist somit indifferent.
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