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Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Bachelor Information
1. Semester
First Year Compulsory Laboratory Courses
227-0005-10LDigital Circuits Laboratory Restricted registration - show details O1 credit1PG. Tröster
AbstractDigital and analogue signals and their representation. Combinational and sequential circuits and systems, boolean algebra, K-maps. Finite state machines. Memory and computing building blocks in CMOS technology, programmable logic circuits.
ObjectiveDeepen and extend the knowledge from lecture and exercises, usage of design software Quartus II as well as an oscilloscope
ContentThe contents of the digital circuits laboratory will deepen and extend the knowledge of the correspondent lecture and exercises. With the help of the logic device design software Quartus II different circuits will be designed and then tested on an evaluation board. You will build up the control for a 7-digit display as well as an adder and you will create different types of latches and flip-flops. At the end of the laboratory a small synthesizer will be programmed that is able to play self-created melodies. At the same time the usage of a modern oscilloscope will be taught in order to analyse the programmed circuits through the digital and analogue inputs.
Lecture notesLecture notes for all experiments.
Prerequisites / NoticeNo special prerequisites
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