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Doctoral Department of Architecture Information
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Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Courses
151-0906-00LFrontiers in Energy Research Restricted registration - show details
This course is only for doctoral students.
W2 credits2SM. Mazzotti, R. S. Abhari, J. Carmeliet, M. Filippini
AbstractDoctoral students at ETH Zurich working in the broad area of energy present their research to their colleagues, to their advisors and to the scientific community.
ObjectiveKnowledge of advanced research in the area of energy.
ContentDoctoral students at ETH Zurich working in the broad area of energy present their research to their colleagues, to their advisors and to the scientific community. There will be one presentation a week during the semester, each structured as follows: 20 min introduction to the research topic, 30 min presentation of the results, 30 min discussion with the audience.
Lecture notesSlides will be available on the Energy Science Center pages(Link).
064-0006-17LPostgraduate Colloquium on the History of Art and Architecture (Heinze Greenberg) Information Restricted registration - show details
Does not take place this semester.
W Dr3 credits2KI. Heinze-Greenberg
AbstractThe Postgraduate Colloquium mainly addresses doctoral students of the Chair. It is aimed at presenting and further discussing the current research, thus focusing on the argumentation and verification of contextual and methodical questions. The Colloquium provides a basis for exchange and further education and to establish and promote networking.
ObjectiveThe Colloquium focuses on the presentation and further discussion of the current research of doctoral students. It concentrates on the discussion and verification of contextual and methodical questions and provides a basis for exchange and networking among the participants.
ContentDie Themenschwerpunkte der jeweiligen Veranstaltung richten sich nach den präsentierten Forschungsarbeiten. Inhaltlich korrespondieren sie mit den Forschungsschwerpunkten der Professur.
Prerequisites / NoticeMehrtägiges Kolloquium. Veranstaltungszeit und -ort nach Vereinbarung.
064-0010-17LResearch Colloquium in Architecture and Urbanism Information Restricted registration - show details W Dr3 credits1KM. Angélil
AbstractThis colloquium is open to doctoral candidates in fields related to Architecture and Urbanism. Its focus will be on contemporary topics in urbanism and will involve two or three one-day sessions over the course of the semester, each of which will be attended by an invited scholar.
ObjectiveThe sessions will involve brief presentations of dissertation work by the participants followed by discussions with the guests.
ContentDoctoral seminar on the political economy of urban territory.
Prerequisites / NoticeSpace is limited and participation is subject to approval from the organizers.
064-0014-17LMethods in the History and Theory of Architecture Information W Dr2 credits2SI. Heinze-Greenberg
AbstractIntroduction to methodological approaches in the history and theory of architecture; presentation and discussion of individual doctoral projects.
ObjectiveThe doctoral students analyze critically relevant approaches in the history and theory of architecture and discuss fundamental questions with regard to their individual research projects, to produce and hand in their proposals.
ContentThe two-semester course in the first year of the doctoral program in the history and theory of architecture has a twofold objective: First, reading sessions on central approaches in the history and theory of architecture provide a methodological basis for a doctorate at the Institute gta. Secondly, by both, reading sessions and presentation and discussion sessions on the individual research projects, the docotral students get support in the production of the proposal which they work on and which they have to present after the first year.
Prerequisites / NoticeLanguages: German and English
064-0016-17LPhD Colloquium Theory of Information Technology for Architects Information W Dr2 credits2KL. Hovestadt
AbstractInformation technology plays an increasingly important role in research. To meet this challenging development, it is not only important to acquire respective skills, but also to consider and understand information technology in what sets it apart from other gestalts of technics (like mechanics, dynamics, or thermodynamics).
ObjectiveThe aim of this colloquium is to counter an observable tendency, that proportional to the degree in which students master practical skills in computing, they increasingly submit uncritically, in their understanding and framing of problems, to the dictation of schemata and templates implemented by technical systems.
ContentThe starting point for this colloquium is to comprehend computing not in terms of skills, but as a literacy which we can experience emerging today. Like in the case of writing as well, computing cannot exhaustively be reduced to either logics, grammar, arithmetics, or analytics. Rather, computation, if comprehended as a literacy, relates to any of the established categories of learning and raises questions of an architectonic kind. This colloquium draws from the principal richness of cultural forms of knowing and learning and thematizes approaches to formulate a theoretical stance on information technology for architects which is driven by and resting on the actual reality of computability today. In this, it is complementary to those theory courses on technology offered by the historical disciplines at ETH.
Prerequisites / NoticeTo benefit from this course, you should have a practical affinity to technics, as well as an abstract interest in information technology in its comprehensive cultural context.
064-0004-17LDoctoral Seminar: Methods in History and Theory of Architecture Information W Dr3 credits2KL. Stalder, M. Delbeke, I. Heinze-Greenberg, P. Ursprung
AbstractMethods in the History of Art and Architecture
ObjectiveKnowledge in the methods of the history of art and architecture
ContentReading and discussion of selected texts
064-0018-17LNSL Doctoral Colloquium: Methods in Urban and Landscape Studies Information Restricted registration - show details W Dr3 credits1KK. Christiaanse, M. Angélil, A. Brillembourg, C. Girot, H. Klumpner, C. Schmid, G. Vogt
AbstractAdvanced PhD candidates of urban studies, urban and landscape design and urban sociology report about their experiences and insights in the concrete application of methods utilized for their research and scientific publications. Discussion of ongoing individual work, methodological questions, critical perspectives on urban and landscape design and city's relation to society.
ObjectiveThe seminar seeks to provide participants with a differentiated knowledge of methods in the field of the urbanism. Furthermore, it provides a platform to exchange contemporary urban research experiences across disciplinary boundaries, drawing from different geographies of knowledge production. Possible meta-themes include modes of data assessment in urban studies, ways of progressing from hypothesis to synthesis, and research by design as method.
ContentParticipants will be expected to submit single-page abstracts of their papers in advance and to make a presentation of app. 20 minutes at the colloquium. The discussion will be moderated by the organizing professors and invited guests.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe seminar is joint-organized by the chairs of Prof. Kees Christiaanse, Prof. Dr. Christian Schmid, Prof. Dr. Marc Angélil and Prof. Hubert Klumpner as one full-day event in the academic semester.
The will comprise different formats, alternating with the responsible chair.

Participants in both cases will be expected to submit single-page abstracts of their papers in advance and to make a presentation of app. 20 minutes at the colloquium. The discussion rounds will be moderated by the organizing professor and the invited guests.

Enrolment on agreement with the lecturer only.
862-0002-17LResearch Colloquium History of Knowledge (FS 2017) Restricted registration - show details
Only for MAGPW students, D-GESS PHD and D-ARCH PHD students.

This colloquium is highly recommended for first and second semester MAGPW students.
W2 credits1K + 1AK. M. Espahangizi, M. Hagner, H. Fischer-Tiné, D. Gugerli, A. Kilcher, P. Sarasin, P. Ursprung, L. Wingert
AbstractThe colloquium of the ZGW focuses on present developments, debates and perspectives in the field of history of knowledge.
ObjectiveThe colloquium deals with the general problems, questions and methods of the interdisciplinary research field "The history of knowledge". Knowledge has become one of the existential conditions of modern societies and it increasingly determines their dynamics. Therefore, it is getting more and more relevant to develop a differentiated analysis of the epistemic, social and cultural constraints of the production, circulation and the decay of knowledge. In addition, the colloquium asks after the cultural and ethical resonances of knowledge not only within science but also in relation to art, literature, technology, everyday life, and so on.
Prerequisites / NoticeKurzfristige Veranstaltungshinweise und Programmänderungen werden über den ZGW Newsletter kommuniziert, daher bitte auf Link eintragen!

Kreditpunkte können durch regelmässige Teilnahme und die Abfassung eines Essays (o.ä.m., Umfang: 5-7 Seiten) über das Thema eines der Vorträge erworben werden. Zusätzlich zu den Kolloquiumsterminen muss an einem weiteren Termin (nach Absprache anfangs Semester) ein vertiefendes Begleitseminar besucht werden (Dozent: Kijan Espahangizi).

Es besteht die Möglichkeit zur parallelen kostenlosen Kinderbetreuung vor Ort.
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