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Management, Technologie und Ökonomie Master Information
Strategy, Technology and Innovation Management
363-0392-00LStrategic Management Information Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Number of participants limited to 80.

Registration through myStudies (first come, first served). If you are unable to sign up through myStudies, please contact the course assistant:
W+3 KP2GS. Herting
KurzbeschreibungThis courses conveys concepts and methods in strategic management, with a focus on competitive strategy. Competitive strategy aims at improving and establishing position of firms within an industry.
LernzielThe lecture "strategic management" is designed to teach relevant competences in strategic planning and -implementation, for both professional work-life and further scientific development. The course provides an overview of the basics of “strategy” and the most prevalent concepts and methods in strategic management. The course is given as a combination of lectures about concepts/methods, and case studies where the students asked to solve strategic issues of the case companies. In two sessions, the students will also be addressing real-time strategic issues of firms that are represented by executives.
a. Introduction to strategy
b. Industry dynamics I: Industry analysis
c. Industry dynamics II: Analysis of technology and innovation
d. The resource-based theory of the firm
e. The knowledge-based theory of the firm
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesSession #0: (27.02.2017) Introductory Guest Lecture & Organizational Issues
Session #1: (06.03.2017) Introduction & How to Solve a Case
Session #2: (13.03.2017) Industry Dynamics I
Session #3: (27.03.2017) Industry Dynamics II
Session #4: (03.04.2017) Resource-Based Theory
Session #5: (10.04.2017) Knowledge-based Theory
Session #6: (08.05.2017) Guest Lecture I
Session #7: (15.05.2017) Guest Lecture II

Please NOTE: The dates of the guest lectures subject to change due to availability of the guest lecturers. The final schedule will be provided in the first session.
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