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Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2010)
Proseminars, Experimental and Theoretical Semester Papers
To organise a semester project take contact with one of the instructors.

Not all lecturers are directly eligible in myStudies if "Professors" is the required type of lecturers. In such cases please take contact with the Study Administration (Link).
402-0210-96LProseminar Theoretical Physics: Solitons and Instantons in Condensed Matter Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 24.
W9 credits4SV. Geshkenbein
AbstractA guided self-study of original papers and of advanced textbooks in theoretical physics. Within the general topic, determined each semester, participants give a presentation on a particular subject and deliver a written report.
402-0217-BSLTheoretical Semester Project in a Group of the Physics Department Restricted registration - show details
Supervisors: C. Anastasiou, N. Beisert, G. Blatter, P. De Forcrand, M. Gaberdiel, A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, V. Geshkenbein, G. M. Graf, S. Huber, A. Lazopoulos, R. Renner, T. C. Schulthess, M. Sigrist, M. Troyer, O. Zilberberg
W9 credits18ASupervisors
AbstractThis course unit is an alternative if no suitable "Proseminar Theoretical Physics" is available of if the proseminar is already overbooked.
Prerequisites / NoticeDie Leistungskontrolle erfolgt aufgrund eines oder mehrerer schriftlicher Berichte bzw. einer schriftlichen Arbeit. Vorträge können ein zusätzlicher Bestandteil der Leistungskontrolle sein.
402-0215-BSLExperimental Semester Project in a Group of the Physics Department Information Restricted registration - show details W9 credits18AProfessors
AbstractThe aim of the project is to give the student experience in working in a research environment, carrying out physics experiments, analysing and interpreting the resulting data.
Prerequisites / NoticeDie Leistungskontrolle erfolgt aufgrund eines oder mehrerer schriftlicher Berichte bzw. einer schriftlichen Arbeit.
402-0510-BSLAdvanced Solid State Physics Experiments Restricted registration - show details
Supervisors for this experimental semester paper:
Prof. Christian Degen
Prof. Leonardo Degiorgi
Prof. Klaus Ensslin
Prof. Thomas Ihn
Prof. Joël Mesot
Prof. Danilo Pescia
Prof. Andreas Vaterlaus
Prof. Andreas Wallraff
Prof. Werner Wegscheider
Prof. Andrey Zheludev
W9 credits18PSupervisors
AbstractExperiments in condensed matter physics. The work includes the planning, build-up, data taking and analysis, and interpretation of the experimental results.
ObjectiveZiel ist das Entwickeln von Fähigkeiten, moderne Experimente in der Festkörperphysik durchzuführen. Dazu dienen experimentelle Arbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Festkörperphysik, meist in enger Zusammenarbeit mit laufenden Forschungsaktivitäten in den Forschungsgruppen.
ContentDurchführung von Experimenten aus dem Gebiet der Festkörperphysik. Planung, Aufbau, Durchführung, Auswertung und Interpretation der Experimente.
Lecture notesn/a
Prerequisites / NoticeArbeiten in einer Forschungsgruppe sind besonders gut geeignet, die Studierenden mit aktuellen Forschungsthemen und mit moderner Instrumentierung bekannt zu machen.
402-0400-BSLAdvanced Quantum Electronics Experiments Restricted registration - show details
Advisors for this experimental semester paper:
Prof. Tilman Esslinger
Prof. Jérôme Faist
Prof. Rachel Grange
Prof. Jonathan Home
Prof. Atac Imamoglu
Prof. Steven Johnson
Prof. Ursula Keller
W9 credits18PSupervisors
AbstractImplementation of experiments in quantum electronics. Planning, design, realisation, evaluation, and interpretation of the experiments.
ContentDurchführung von Versuchen im Gebiet der Optik, z.B. Holographie und Laserphysik. Planung, Aufbau, Durchführung, Auswertung und Interpretation der Experimente.
402-0719-BSLParticle Physics at PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute) Restricted registration - show details W9 credits18PC. Grab
AbstractDuring semester breaks 6-12 students stay for 3 weeks at PSI and participate in a hands-on course on experimental particle physics. A small real experiment is performed in common, including apparatus design, construction, running and data analysis. The course includes some lectures, but the focus lies on the practical aspects of experimenting.
ObjectiveStudents learn all the different steps it takes to perform a complete particle physics experiment in a small team. They acquire skills to do this themselves in the team, including design, construction, data taking and data analysis.
402-0717-BSLParticle Physics at CERN Restricted registration - show details W9 credits18PF. Nessi-Tedaldi, W. Lustermann
AbstractDuring the semester break participating students stay for 4 weeks at CERN and perform experimental work relevant to our particle physics projects. Dates to be agreed upon.
ObjectiveStudents learn, by doing, the needed skills to perform a small particle physics experiment: setup, problem solving, data taking, analysis, interpretation and presentation in a written report of publication quality.
ContentDetailed information in: Link
Prerequisites / NoticeLanguage of instruction: English or German
402-0340-BSLMedical Physics Restricted registration - show details W9 credits18PA. J. Lomax, K. P. Prüssmann, M. Rudin
AbstractIn agreement with the lecturers a semester paper in the context of the topics discussed in the lectures can be written.
402-0240-00LAdvanced Physics Laboratory II Information Restricted registration - show details
Prerequiste: "Advanced Physics Laboratory I" completed. Before enroling in "Advanced Physics Laboratory II", please enrol in "Advanced Physics Laboratory I".

Enrol at most once in the course of the Bachelor programme!
W9 credits18PC. Grab, T. M. Ihn
AbstractThis laboratory course provides basic experimental skill training for performing physics experiments, including: Implementation of physics experiments using an instruction manual. Planning, designing, realizing, analyzing, and interpreting experiments. Estimating measurement precision.
ObjectiveStudents should learn how to perform a bit more complex experiments, analyze the data and interpret the results.
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