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Physics Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2010)
Proseminars, Experimental and Theoretical Semester Papers
To organise a semester project take contact with one of the instructors.

Not all lecturers are directly eligible in myStudies if "Professors" is the required type of lecturers. In such cases please take contact with the Study Administration (Link).
402-0215-BSLExperimental Semester Project in a Group of the Physics Department Information Restricted registration - show details W9 credits18AProfessors
402-0510-BSLAdvanced Solid State Physics Experiments Restricted registration - show details
Supervisors for this experimental semester paper:
Prof. Christian Degen
Prof. Leonardo Degiorgi
Prof. Klaus Ensslin
Prof. Thomas Ihn
Prof. Joël Mesot
Prof. Danilo Pescia
Prof. Andreas Vaterlaus
Prof. Andreas Wallraff
Prof. Werner Wegscheider
Prof. Andrey Zheludev
W9 credits18PSupervisors
402-0400-BSLAdvanced Quantum Electronics Experiments Restricted registration - show details
Advisors for this experimental semester paper:
Prof. Tilman Esslinger
Prof. Jérôme Faist
Prof. Rachel Grange
Prof. Jonathan Home
Prof. Atac Imamoglu
Prof. Steven Johnson
Prof. Ursula Keller
W9 credits18PSupervisors
402-0719-BSLParticle Physics at PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute) Restricted registration - show details W9 credits18PC. Grab
402-0717-BSLParticle Physics at CERN Restricted registration - show details W9 credits18PF. Nessi-Tedaldi, W. Lustermann
402-0340-BSLMedical Physics Restricted registration - show details W9 credits18PA. J. Lomax, K. P. Prüssmann, M. Rudin
402-0240-00LAdvanced Physics Laboratory II Information Restricted registration - show details
Prerequiste: "Advanced Physics Laboratory I" completed. Before enroling in "Advanced Physics Laboratory II", please enrol in "Advanced Physics Laboratory I".

Enrol at most once in the course of the Bachelor programme!
W9 credits18PC. Grab, T. M. Ihn
GESS Science in Perspective
GESS Science in Perspective
» see Science in Perspective: Type A: Enhancement of Reflection Capability
» Recommended Science in Perspective (Type B) for D-PHYS.
Language Courses
» see Science in Perspective: Language Courses ETH/UZH
Additional Courses, Seminars and Colloquia
First or Second Year Additional Courses
402-0351-00LAstronomyZ2 credits2VH. M. Schmid, W. Schmutz
401-1511-00LGeometryZ3 credits2V + 1UT. Ilmanen
Additional Courses
402-0247-00LElectronics for Physicists I (Analogue)Z4 credits2V + 2PR. Horisberger
Additional Courses (from Second Year Mathematics Bachelor)
401-2003-00LAlgebra IZ7 credits4V + 2UL. Halbeisen
Seminars and Colloquia
402-0101-00LThe Zurich Physics Colloquium Information E-0 credits1KR. Renner, G. Aeppli, C. Anastasiou, N. Beisert, G. Blatter, S. Cantalupo, M. Carollo, C. Degen, G. Dissertori, K. Ensslin, T. Esslinger, J. Faist, M. Gaberdiel, T. K. Gehrmann, G. M. Graf, R. Grange, J. Home, S. Huber, A. Imamoglu, P. Jetzer, S. Johnson, U. Keller, K. S. Kirch, S. Lilly, L. M. Mayer, J. Mesot, B. Moore, D. Pescia, A. Refregier, A. Rubbia, K. Schawinski, T. C. Schulthess, M. Sigrist, M. Troyer, A. Vaterlaus, R. Wallny, A. Wallraff, W. Wegscheider, A. Zheludev, O. Zilberberg
402-0800-00LThe Zurich Theoretical Physics Colloquium Information E-0 credits1KS. Huber, C. Anastasiou, N. Beisert, G. Blatter, M. Gaberdiel, T. K. Gehrmann, G. M. Graf, P. Jetzer, L. M. Mayer, B. Moore, R. Renner, T. C. Schulthess, M. Sigrist, M. Troyer, O. Zilberberg, University lecturers
401-5330-00LTalks in Mathematical Physics Information E-0 credits1KA. Cattaneo, G. Felder, M. Gaberdiel, G. M. Graf, H. Knörrer, T. H. Willwacher, University lecturers
402-0501-00LSolid State Physics Information E-0 credits1SA. Zheludev, G. Blatter, C. Degen, K. Ensslin, D. Pescia, M. Sigrist, A. Wallraff
402-0551-00LLaser SeminarE-0 credits1ST. Esslinger, J. Faist, J. Home, A. Imamoglu, U. Keller, F. Merkt, H. J. Wörner
402-0600-00LNuclear and Particle Physics with ApplicationsE-0 credits2SA. Rubbia, G. Dissertori, C. Grab, K. S. Kirch, R. Wallny
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