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Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Information
4. Semester
Engineering Tools
The Engineering Tools courses are for MAVT Bachelor’s degree students only.
252-0862-00LEngineering Tool: Modelling Information
The Engineering Tool-courses are for MAVT Bachelor’s degree students only.
W+0.4 credits1KM. Schwerhoff
AbstractThis course provides an introduction to modelling, i.e. the representation of real-world entities and systems in computer programs. Basic modelling techniques will be introduced and illustrated, and students will apply these techniques in small projects, by modelling parts of systems such as a lift or a railway network.
ObjectiveStudents develop an intuition for modelling the essential aspects of simple applications from their field. They learn how to transform such a model into a computer program.
Prerequisites / NoticeLecture Series Informatik 252-0832-00L or equivalent knowledge in programming with C++. Engineering Tool: Advanced Programming with C++ is recommended, but not mandatory.

Work on a programming project. Course can only be taken if the programming project is executed and submitted. If no solution to the programming project is submitted, the course is considered failed ("drop out").
151-0042-01LEngineering Tool: FEM-Programs Restricted registration - show details
The Engineering Tools courses are for MAVT Bachelor’s degree students only.
W+0.4 credits1KB. Berisha
AbstractThe course "Introduction to FEM programs" familiarizes the students with performing of simple structural analyses with the finite-element method.
ObjectiveBecoming familiar with using a modern finite-element program. Learn how to perform structural analyses of complex parts designed with CAD. Critical results interpretation by way of convergence analysis.
Content- FEM-Theorie
- Charakterisierung der FEM
- Grundlagen der Elastizitätstheorie
- Randwertproblem in der Verschiebungsformulierung
- Standardformulierung/Variationsprinzip
- Elementtypen
- Randbedingungen
- Strukturanalyse mit FEM
- Nichtlinearitäten (iterative/inkrementelle Lösungssuche)
- Dynamische Prozesse
Lecture notesCourse material: The material is based on the course in spring semester 2019 and are complemented according to our needs.
LiteratureNo textbooks required
Prerequisites / NoticeInstallation von ABAQUS 2021 - Teaching

Für den Toolkurs wird "Abaqus 2021 -Teaching" benötigt. Die Installationsdatei, sowie die Installationsanleitung, sind auf dem IT-SHOP zu finden (Link).

Abaqus 2021 - Teaching ist NUR für WINDOWS und LINUX verfügbar.

Es stehen keine Rechner zur Verfügung! Für weitere Informationen siehe "Ankündigungen" in MOODLE
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