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DAS Preparation for the Swiss Federal Examination in Pharmacy Information
First Series of Courses (Group A)
535-0522-00LPharmacology and Toxicology IIO2 credits2VU. Quitterer
535-0523-00LCurrent Topics in Pharmacology and Toxicology Restricted registration - show details O1 credit1SU. Quitterer
535-0241-03LBiopharmacyO3 credits3VS.‑D. Krämer
535-0422-00LGalenical Pharmacy II
Prerequisite: Galenical Pharmacy I (535-0421-00L)
O2 credits2GJ.‑C. Leroux, E. Giger
535-0135-00LClinical Chemistry IO1 credit1VM. Hersberger
535-0391-00LPathobiologyO4 credits3GM. Detmar, V. I. Otto
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