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Civil Engineering Bachelor Information
Compulsory Courses 4. Semester
Examination Block 2
In place of the German courses 851-0720-01 Public building Law students can take the French course 851-0712-00 Introduction to Public Law.
101-0114-00LTheory of Structures II Information O5 credits5GE. Chatzi
101-0314-00LSoil Mechanics Information Restricted registration - show details
Only for Civil Engineering BSc.
O5 credits4GI. Anastasopoulos, R. Herzog, A. Marin
101-0414-00LTransport Planning (Transportation I) Information O3 credits2GK. W. Axhausen
101-0604-02LIntroduction to MaterialsO5 credits4GR. J. Flatt, U. Angst, I. Burgert, F. Wittel
102-0214-02LIntroduction to Urban Water Management Information
Civil Engineers and Environmental Scientist have to enrole for the course unit 102-0214-02L (without excursions).
O5 credits4GE. Morgenroth, M. Maurer
103-0132-00LGeodetic Metrology Fundamentals Restricted registration - show details O6 credits4G + 3PA. Wieser, L. Schmid
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