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Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (General Courses) Information
Military Studies
853-0037-01LMilitary Psychology and Pedagogy I (without Exercises)Z3 credits2VH. Annen
853-0063-02LMilitary History I (without Exercises)Z3 credits2VM. Olsansky
853-0082-00LStrategic Studies IZ3 credits2VM. Mantovani, M. Wyss
853-0102-00LDefense Economics IIZ3 credits2VM. M. Keupp
853-0064-00LMilitary Sociology IZ3 credits2VT. Szvircsev Tresch, S. De Rosa, T. Ferst
853-0101-02LDefense Economics IZ3 credits2VM. M. Keupp
853-0033-00LLeadership I Restricted registration - show details
For BA Public Policy and DAS Military Sceinces only.
Z3 credits2VF. Kernic, F. Demont, M. Holenweger
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