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Biology Bachelor Information
2. Year, 4. Semester
Elective Blocks
551-1174-00LSystems BiologyO4 credits2V + 2UU. Sauer, K. M. Borgwardt, J. Stelling, N. Zamboni
376-0152-00LAnatomy and Physiology II Information O5 credits4VM. Ristow, K. De Bock, M. Kopf, L. Slomianka, C. Spengler
701-0360-00LSystematic Biology: Plants Restricted registration - show details O5 credits2V + 3PA. Leuchtmann
701-0264-01LSupplementary Course Systematic Botany Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisite: successful participation in 701-0360-00L Systematic Biology: Plants. It is recommended to enroll for both lectures in the same semester.
E-1 credit2PA. Leuchtmann
701-0245-00LIntroduction to Evolutionary BiologyO2 credits2VG. Velicer, S. Wielgoss
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