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Biomedical Engineering Master Information
Major Courses
Medical Physics
Recommended Elective Courses
These courses are particularly recommended for the Medical Physics track. Please consult your track advisor if you wish to select other subjects.
227-0946-00LMolecular Imaging - Basic Principles and Biomedical ApplicationsW2 credits2VM. Rudin
227-0948-00LMagnetic Resonance Imaging in MedicineW4 credits3GS. Kozerke, M. Weiger Senften
227-0968-00LMonte Carlo in Medical PhysicsW4 credits3GM. Stampanoni, M. K. Fix
402-0343-00LPhysics Against Cancer: The Physics of Imaging and Treating CancerW6 credits2V + 1UA. J. Lomax, U. Schneider
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