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Agroecosystem Sciences Master Information
Major in Animal Sciences
Disciplinary Competences
751-6501-00LRuminant Science (HS)W+4 credits4GK. Giller, M. C. Härdi-Landerer, R. Mandel, E. Mandel, U. Witschi
751-6601-00LPig Science (HS)W+2 credits2VE. Mandel, M. C. Härdi-Landerer
751-6901-00LNiches in Animal ProductionW+1 credit1GM. Kreuzer, M. Buchmann
Livestock Biology
751-7211-00LRuminal Digestion
Does not take place this semester.
W+1 credit1G
751-6113-00LEndocrinology and Biology of ReproductionW+3 credits2VS. E. Ulbrich, S. M. Bernal Ulloa
Livestock Genetics
751-6243-00LConservation of Animal Genetic ResourcesW+1 credit1VH. Signer-Hasler, C. Flury
751-6305-00LLivestock Breeding and GenomicsW3 credits3GP. von Rohr
Methodology Competences
Methods for Scientific Research
751-3801-00LExperimental Design and Applied Statistics in Agroecosystem ScienceW3 credits2GA. Hund, W. Eugster, C. Grieder, R. Kölliker
751-6127-00LPractical Course in Microscopy of Functional HistologyW+3 credits6PS. E. Ulbrich
751-6129-00LPractical Course EpigeneticsW+3 credits6PS. E. Ulbrich, M. Saenz de Juano Ribes
Project Management for Scientific Research
751-6001-00LForum: Livestock in the World Food SystemW+2 credits1SM. Kreuzer, S. M. Bernal Ulloa, R. Mandel, E. Mandel, S. Neuenschwander
751-6003-00LTraining Course in Research Groups (Large) Restricted registration - show details W+6 credits13PM. Kreuzer, R. Mandel, E. Mandel, S. Neuenschwander, H. Pausch, S. E. Ulbrich
751-6003-01LTraining Course in Research Groups (Small) Restricted registration - show details W+3 credits6PM. Kreuzer, R. Mandel, E. Mandel, S. Neuenschwander, H. Pausch, S. E. Ulbrich
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