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Doctorate Health Sciences and Technology Information
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Subject Specialisation
Health Sciences and Technology
376-0302-01LGCP Basic Course (Modules 1 and 2) Restricted registration - show details
Only for Health Sciences and Technology MSc.
W1 credit1GG. Senti, C. Fila, R. Grossmann
376-0303-00LColloquium in Translational Science (Autumn Semester)W1 credit1KN. Cesarovic, A. Alimonti, C. Ewald, V. Falk, J. Goldhahn, K. Maniura, M. Ristow, R. M. Rossi, S. Schürle-Finke, G. Shivashankar, E. Vayena, V. Vogel
376-0305-00LETHeart Joint Scientific Colloquium (Autumn Semester)W1 credit1KN. Cesarovic, V. Falk, H. Rodriguez Cetina Biefer
376-1151-00LTranslation of Basic Research Findings from Genetics and Molecular Mechanisms of Aging Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30.
W3 credits2VC. Ewald
376-1176-00LWearable and Mobile Technologies of the Future - Focus on Sports and Health Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 60
W4 credits3GC. Menon, C. Ahmadizadeh, M. Elgendi
376-1791-00LIntroductory Course in Neuroscience I (University of Zurich) Information
No enrolment to this course at ETH Zurich. Book the corresponding module directly at UZH as an incoming student.
UZH Module Code: SPV0Y005

Mind the enrolment deadlines at UZH:
W2 credits2VUniversity lecturers
376-1974-00LColloquium in Biomechanics Information W2 credits2KB. Helgason, P. Chansoria, S. J. Ferguson, R. Müller, D. K. Ravi, J. G. Snedeker, W. R. Taylor, M. Zenobi-Wong
701-0015-00LTransdisciplinary Research: Challenges of Interdisciplinarity and Stakeholder Engagement
The lecture takes place if a minimum of 12 students register for it.
W2 credits2SB. Vienni Baptista, C. E. Pohl, M. Stauffacher
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