Suchergebnis: Lerneinheiten im Herbstsemester 2020

Quantum Engineering Master Information
This is a selection of courses particularly suitable for the MSc QE. In agreement with the tutor, students may choose other courses from the ETH course catalogue.
402-0447-00LQuantum Science with Superconducting CircuitsW6 KP2V + 1UC. Eichler
402-0464-00LOptical Properties of SemiconductorsW8 KP2V + 2UG. Scalari, T. Chervy
402-0484-00LExperimental and Theoretical Aspects of Quantum Gases Information
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
W6 KP2V + 1UT. Esslinger
402-0535-00LIntroduction to MagnetismW6 KP3GA. Vindigni
402-0595-00LSemiconductor NanostructuresW6 KP2V + 1UT. M. Ihn
402-0469-67LParametric PhenomenaW6 KP3GO. Zilberberg, A. Eichler
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