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Geomatics Master Information
Master Studies (Programme Regulations 2022)
Compulsory Courses
103-0248-00LGeospatial Research MethodsO4 credits4GM. Raubal
103-0249-00LGeospatial Reference SystemsO4 credits4GA. Wieser, M. Varga
103-0250-00LGeospatial Data AcquisitionO4 credits4GA. Wieser
103-0251-00LComputational Methods for Geospatial AnalysisO4 credits4GK. Schindler, J. A. Butt, B. Soja, Y. Xin
Core Electives
101-0417-00LTransport Planning MethodsW6 credits4GK. W. Axhausen
101-0427-01LPublic Transport Design and OperationsW6 credits4GF. Corman, T.‑H. Yan
103-0337-00LSite and Project Development Information W3 credits2GA. Gonzalez Martinez, J. Van Wezemael
103-0227-00LApplication Development in Cartography Information W6 credits4GL. Hurni
103-0287-00LImage-based MappingW6 credits2GK. Schindler
102-0617-00LBasics and Principles of Radar Remote Sensing for Environmental ApplicationsW3 credits2GI. Hajnsek
102-0627-00LApplied Radar Remote SensingW3 credits2GO. Frey
103-0687-00LCadastral SystemsW2 credits2GJ. Lüthy
851-0724-01LReal Estate Property Law Restricted registration - show details
Particularly suitable for students of D-ARCH, D-BAUG, D-USYS
W3 credits3VS. Stucki, R. Müller-Wyss
103-0187-01LSpace GeodesyW6 credits4GB. Soja
Complementary Electives
103-0258-00LInteroperability of GISW3 credits2GJ. Schito
103-0778-00LGIS and Geoinformatics LabW4 credits4PP. Kiefer
263-5905-00LMixed Reality Information
The deadline for deregistering expires at the end of the second week of the semester. Students who are still registered after that date, but do not attend the course, will officially fail the course.
W5 credits3G + 1AI. Armeni, M. Pollefeys
363-0790-00LTechnology EntrepreneurshipW2 credits2VF. Hacklin
103-0787-00LProject Parameter EstimationW3 credits2PJ. A. Butt, T. Medic
103-0747-00LCartography Lab Information W6 credits13AL. Hurni
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