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Management, Technology and Economics Master Information
Welcome and Introduction to MSc ETH MTEC
Monday, 19.09.2022, 14.00 - 15.15 h, HG E 1.1
Core Courses
Financial Management
363-0711-00LAccounting for ManagersW+3 credits2VH. Chen
363-0561-00LFinancial Market Risks
Does not take place this semester.
W+3 credits2Gnot available
General Management and Human Resource Management
363-0341-00LIntroduction to Management Information W+3 credits2GZ. Zagorac-Uremovic, D. Baschung, J. O'Neil
Information Management and Operations Management
363-0421-00LManagement of Digital TransformationW+3 credits2GE. Fleisch
363-0445-00LProduction and Operations ManagementW+3 credits2GT. Netland, H. Franke
363-0453-00LStrategic Supply Chain ManagementW+3 credits2GS. Wagner
Micro and Macroeconomics
363-0565-00LPrinciples of MacroeconomicsW+3 credits2VJ.‑E. Sturm
363-0503-00LPrinciples of Microeconomics
GESS (Science in Perspective): This lecture is for MSc students only. BSc students register for 363-1109-00L Einführung in die Mikroökonomie.
W+3 credits2GM. Filippini
363-0537-00LResource and Environmental EconomicsW+3 credits2GL. Bretschger
Strategy, Markets and Technology
363-0387-00LCorporate SustainabilityW+3 credits2GV. Hoffmann, J. Meuer, A. Nunez-Jimenez
363-0403-00LIntroduction to MarketingW+3 credits2GS. Brüggemann
363-0392-00LStrategic Management Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 80.
W+3 credits2GA.‑K. Weiser
363-0389-00LTechnology and Innovation ManagementW+3 credits2GS. Brusoni, A. Zeijen
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Solving Compex Problems
363-0305-00LEmpirical Methods in ManagementW+3 credits2GS. Tillmanns
363-1004-00LOperations ResearchW+3 credits2GS. Bütikofer van Oordt
363-0541-00LSystems Dynamics and ComplexityW+3 credits3GF. Schweitzer
Elective Courses
Economic Dynamics
363-1137-00LApplied Econometrics in Environmental and Energy Economics Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 40.

It is highly recommended to take 363-0570-00L Principles of Econometrics first.
W3 credits2VD. Cerruti, S. Srinivasan
363-1136-00LDynamic Macroeconomics, Innovation and Growth
Students who have successfully completed the course "Dynamic Macroeconomics" (364-0559-00L) or
"Economics of Innovation and Growth" (363-0562-01L) can not register for this course.
W3 credits2VS. Zelzner
363-1037-00LFiscal Competition and Multinational FirmsW3 credits2VM. Köthenbürger, M. Stimmelmayr
363-0585-00LIntermediate EconometricsW3 credits2VG. Masllorens Fuentes
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