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Environmental Engineering Master Information
Elective Modules
For all majors.
EM: Remote Sensing and Earth Observation
Elective Module for Majors "Environmental Technologies", "Resource Management", "River and Hydraulic Engineering", "Urban Water Management" and "Water Resources Management".

Remark: Students also taking module "Remote Sensing and Earth Observation" as replacement of 102-0617-01L Methodologies for Image Processing of Remote Sensing Data in module "Landscape" have to chose one out following list:
701-1674-00L Spatial Analysis, Modelling and Optimisation (FS) or
701-1644-00L Mountain Forest Hydrology (HS).
102-0617-01LMethodologies for Image Processing of Remote Sensing DataW3 credits2GI. Hajnsek, O. Frey, S. Li
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