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Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Bachelor Information
Laboratory Courses, Projects, Seminars
A minimum of 15 cp (under the 2018 regulations), respectively at least 18 cp (under the 2016 regulations) must be achieved in the category "Laboratory Courses, Projects, Seminars".
Internship in industry
The internship in industry can only be enrolled for during bachelor's studies according to the 2016 regulations. According to the 2018 regulations, an internship in industry can be taken at master's level.

Please note the conditions for internships in industry as set forward by the "Guidelines for the "Laboratory Courses - Projects - Seminars ", see Link (German only).
227-0093-10LInternship in Industry Restricted registration - show details
Only for students in the Bachelor's Programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Regulations 2012/2016.
For students enrolled in the 2018 Programme Regulations, see "227-1550-10L Internship in Industry" at Master's level.
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