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Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Information
2. Semester
First Year Examinations: Compulsory Courses
401-0262-G0LAnalysis II Restricted registration - show details O8 credits5V + 3UA. Steiger
401-0172-00LLinear Algebra II Information Restricted registration - show details O3 credits2V + 1UN. Hungerbühler
151-0502-00LMechanics 2: Deformable Solids and Structures
Prerequisite: 151-0501-00L Mechanics 1: Kinematics and Statics

This course is only for students of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Human Movement Sciences.

Students in Human Movement Sciences and Sport must enrol in "Mechanics 1" and "Mechanics 2" as a two-semester course.
O6 credits4V + 2UD. Mohr
151-0712-00LEngineering Materials and Production II Restricted registration - show details O4 credits3V + 1UK. Wegener
151-0302-00LInnovation ProcessO2 credits1V + 1UM. Meboldt, Q. Lohmeyer
252-0832-00LComputer Science Information O4 credits2V + 2UR. Sasse, M. Schwerhoff
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