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Environmental Sciences Bachelor Information
Natural Science and Technical Electives
701-0614-00LAllergies and EnvironmentW1 credit1VP. Schmid-Grendelmeier
227-0398-10LPhysiology and Anatomy for Biomedical Engineers IIW3 credits2GM. Wyss
752-1300-00LIntroduction to ToxicologyW3 credits2VR. Eggen, S. J. Sturla
Soil Sciences
701-0362-00LSoils and Vegetation of the Alps (Excursion) Restricted registration - show details
Diese Exkursion (max. 24 Plätze) gehört zur Vorlesung «Flora und Vegetation der Alpen» (701-0364-00; A. Widmer). Sie kann nur gleichzeitig mit der Vorlesung oder nach bestandener Prüfung belegt werden. Alternativ ist eine Teilnahme möglich mit bestandenen Prüfungen in «Boden- und Wasserchemie» (701-0533-00L; R. Kretzschmar, D.I. Christl, L. Winkel) und «Pedosphäre» (701-0501-00L; R. Kretzschmar).
W2 credits2PA. Widmer, R. Kretzschmar
701-0518-00LSoil Resources and Global Change Information W3 credits2GS. Dötterl, M. W. Evangelou
701-0524-00LSoil BiologyW3 credits2VB. W. Frey, A. Frossard
701-0972-00LIntroduction into Organic Farming SystemsW3 credits2VP. J. Mäder, B.  Oehen
701-0974-00LComparison of Different Swiss Farming Systems Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30.
W3 credits3GB.  Oehen, P. J. Mäder
751-3402-00LPlant Nutrition II - Integrated Nutrient Management Restricted registration - show details
Only for Students in BSc/MSc Agricultural Sciences and Students in MSc Environmental or Food Sciences.
Number of participants limited to 40.
W2 credits2VE. Frossard, A. Oberson Dräyer, M. Wiggenhauser
Methodes of Statistical Data Analysis
701-0104-00LStatistical Modelling of Spatial DataW3 credits2GA. J. Papritz
252-0842-00LIntroduction to Programming and Problem Solving Information W3 credits2V + 1UD. Komm
401-0102-00LApplied Multivariate StatisticsW5 credits2V + 1UF. Sigrist
401-6624-11LApplied Time SeriesW5 credits2V + 1UM. Dettling
Ecology and Conservation Biology
701-0303-00LForest Communities and Their Sites Information W2 credits1GM. Ibrahim
701-0310-00LConservation Biology Information W2 credits2GF. Knaus
701-0314-00LPlant Diversity: Colline/Montane Restricted registration - show details
Participation in LV 701-0360-00L (Systematic Biology of Plants) or comparable knowledge (after consultation with the lecturer).
Enrollment for target group until 19.02.2021.
Waiting list until 31.3.2021.
W3 credits6PR. Berndt
701-0314-01LPlant Diversity: Subalpine/Alpine Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisite: Enrollment and successful performance assessment of LV 701-0360-00L (Systematic Biology: Plants).

Enrollment for target group until 19.02.2021
Waiting list until 31.03.2021.

The registration form must be handed in by 05.03.2021. Unconfirmed places are allocated to students on the waiting list.
W3 credits6PA. Guggisberg
701-0316-00LWoody Plants of Central EuropeW3 credits2GA. Rudow
701-0322-00LSeminar with Conservation PractitionersW2 credits2SR. Holderegger, A. L. Bergamini
701-0324-00LRain Forest EcologyW2 credits2GC. Kettle
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