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Earth Sciences Master Information
Major in Geophysics
Compulsory Modules Geophysics
Geophysics: Methods I
651-4096-00LInverse Theory I: BasicsO3 credits2V
651-4096-00 VInverse Theory I: Basics
For students attending Geothermal Energy: Note that Geothermal Energy starts at 12:30
28s hrs
Wed/108:15-12:00NO C 44 »
08:15-12:00NO F 11 »
A. Fichtner
Geophysical Methods II
651-4013-00LPotential Field TheoryO3 credits2G
651-4013-00 GPotential Field Theory2 hrs
Wed14:15-16:00NO E 51.1 »
A. Khan
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