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Interdisciplinary Sciences Bachelor Information
Physical-Chemical Direction
4. Semester (Physical-Chemical Direction)
Compulsory Subjects
529-0431-00LPhysical Chemistry III: Molecular Quantum Mechanics Information Restricted registration - show details O4 credits4GF. Merkt
The Bachelor's programme in Interdisciplinary Sciences allows students to choose from any subject taught at a Bachelor's level at ETH Zurich.

In consultation with the Director of Studies of Interdisciplinary Sciences, every student must establish his/her own individual study programme at the beginning of the 2nd year. See the Programme Regulations 2018 for further details.
529-0230-00LInorganic and Organic Chemistry I Restricted registration - show details
Enrolment only possible up to the beginning of the semester.
W8 credits12PB. Morandi, J. W. Bode
529-0058-00LAnalytical Chemistry IIW3 credits3GD. Günther, D. Bleiner, T. Bucheli, M.‑O. Ebert, G. Schwarz
529-0122-00LInorganic Chemistry IIW3 credits3GM. Kovalenko, K. Kravchyk
529-0222-00LOrganic Chemistry IIW3 credits2V + 1UB. Morandi
401-1662-10LIntroduction to Numerical Methods Information W6 credits4G + 2UV. C. Gradinaru
327-3001-00LCrystallography Practical (Basics) Restricted registration - show details W2 credits4PT. Weber
401-2334-00LMethods of Mathematical Physics II Information W6 credits3V + 2UT. H. Willwacher
402-0275-00LQuantum ElectronicsW10 credits3V + 2US. Johnson
252-0002-00LData Structures and Algorithms Information W8 credits4V + 2UF. Friedrich Wicker
529-0442-00LAdvanced Kinetics Information W6 credits3GJ. Richardson
551-0108-00LFundamentals of Biology II: Plant BiologyW2 credits2VO. Voinnet, W. Gruissem, S. C. Zeeman
551-0110-00LFundamentals of Biology II: MicrobiologyW2 credits2VJ. Vorholt-Zambelli, W.‑D. Hardt, J. Piel
701-0401-00LHydrosphereW3 credits2VR. Kipfer, M. H. Schroth
701-0245-00LEvolutionary AnalysisW2 credits2VS. Wielgoss, G. Velicer
529-0012-02LGeneral Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry) IIW+4 credits3V + 1UJ. Cvengros, H. Grützmacher
529-0012-03LGeneral Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) IIW+4 credits3V + 1UP. Chen
Laboratory Courses, Semester Papers, Proseminars, Field Trips
Further Laboratory Courses arising upon specific written request by the students and permission by the Director of studies.
529-0054-01LPhysical ChemistryW+6 credits8PE. C. Meister
529-0289-00LSpectra Interpretation of Organic CompoundsW2 credits2GR. Zenobi, K. Eyer, N. Kumar, Y. Yamakoshi
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