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Geospatial Engineering Bachelor Information
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Elective Blocks
Geodesy and Satellite Navigation
103-0850-00LPhysical and Kinematic GeodesyW6 credits4GM. Rothacher
103-0135-01LGlobal Satellite Navigation SystemsW3 credits3GM. Rothacher
Digitisation and 3D Modelling
103-0851-00LPhotogrammetryW6 credits4GK. Schindler
103-0274-01LImage ProcessingW3 credits2GK. Schindler, J. D. Wegner
GIS and Cartography
103-0153-00LCartography IIW6 credits4GL. Hurni
103-0229-00LProject GIS & CartographyW3 credits2GM. Raubal, L. Hurni
Spatial and Environmental Planning
103-0357-00LEnvironmental PlanningW3 credits2GS.‑E. Rabe
102-0516-01LEnvironmental Impact AssessmentW3 credits2GS.‑E. Rabe
103-0315-04LApplied Planning for Sustainable Urban DevelopmentW3 credits2GA. Grêt-Regamey, U. Wissen Hayek
Traffic Systems
101-0414-00LTransport Planning (Transportation I) Information W3 credits2GN. Garrick
101-0416-10LRoad Transport SystemsW3 credits2GA. Kouvelas
103-0230-00LTransportation Engineering LabW6 credits2GA. Kouvelas, F. Corman, N. Garrick
Network Infrastructure
102-0214-02LIntroduction to Urban Water Management Information
Civil Engineers and Environmental Scientist have to enrole for the course unit 102-0214-02L (without excursions).
W5 credits4GE. Morgenroth, M. Maurer
101-0428-00LHighway Geometric Design and EngineeringW6 credits4GH.‑R. Müller
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